The first time you ever saw your fur baby, he probably had a collar on. Many breeders will put different colored collars on a litter so that they can easily identify them. They do this so that they know which puppy a buyer has picked. 

According to the folk at Voyager Harness, many people continue the trend and will buy a new collar for dogs along with all the other accessories they need before bringing their fur baby home. But should collars be worn by dogs all the time, or should they be removed when pets are at home or when sleeping? 

What is the Purpose of a Dog Collar? 

Most people use their dog’s collar as the ideal place to hang an identification tag. Others buy dog collars for fashion reasons, while there are those who use their dog’s collar as a method of restraint. Dog collars can also be attached to a leash for walks. 

One thing is for sure, a dog collar is one way for people to know that a pet is just that. A lost dog found without a collar is often assumed to be a stray and may find its way to the pound. So, for that reason, it is advisable to always have your dog’s collar on when you are out of the house. There is always the risk that your dog might get free, or you may let go of the leash by mistake. If your dog runs away from you, having a collar with an identification tag means there is a greater chance of him being reunited with you quickly. 

When Should Collars be Removed? 

The best time to remove your dog’s collar is when there is a chance that it could cause harm. For example, collars can become choking hazards in some circumstances. The risk of the collar catching on the bars of a crate when you are not home to react could mean that your dog is seriously injured. It would be better to remove the collar if you are placing your dog in his crate while you are out. 

The same is true when dogs are playing with other dogs. Removing the collar when your dog is playing with other animals will keep him safe and prevent an injury. 

Another time to consider removing your dog’s collar is at nighttime. It may be more comfortable for your dog to sleep without a collar, and it could also mean that you get a better sleep. After all, a dog continuously shaking and scratching at his collar during the night can be disruptive to everyone within earshot. 

How do Dogs React When Collars are Removed?

Some people believe that a dog will be much more comfortable without his collar when he is inside the house. In fact, some dogs can become sensitive to their collar, particularly if they have any kind of allergies or an injury on the neck area. 

Many dogs get used to wearing collars and are happy to have them on all the time. Some even find it strange when the collar is removed. So, whether you leave it on or remove it at times will depend on your own dog. 

You might find for example, that your dog gets excited whenever you remove his collar. This could be because you usually remove it before he has play time. Alternatively, if you are removing the collar before placing your dog in his crate while you go out, he may not be too keen to have it removed. Keeping the collar on or removing it at different times is something that only you can decide.