One year’s celebration is different from the other year. And so, wedding trends evolve every year. If you are getting married in the year 2019, we have a list of the best wedding trends that a bride has all her eyes on. Stay tuned.

Wedding dress:

The trends of wedding dress with pockets are preferred by a lot of brides nowadays. It is because, it not just looks classy and cool, but instead it is a comfortable option to carry much-needed stuff with you in the pocket. The modern day brides are now thinking practically by opting for comfortable outfits rather than aesthetic, as aesthetics have become too main-stream. Further, sleeveless gown are outdated, the fancy cut, strapless dresses have no position in the trends, as the 2019 brides are now ready to rock their big day in gown with sleeves.


Wedding photo booths are way too overdone, this so common entertainment is now replaced with unique idea to keep the guest busy. Tarot card reader, sketch artist, and other interactive games are some unusual entertainment activities taking place in the wedding trend list of 2019.


The pastel colour theme on your wedding now sounds like a retro idea. Moving away from the white and pink colour to the floral theme that colour matches the bridesmaid dress or the flowers she’s holding. The trend embraces dark colours with a bold outlook in the wedding and even the guest has to follow the same these and deck up accordingly.


We see a quick shift of Red hot bold matte lipsticks with strong brows. Another trend that we see rising is the supernatural makeup look. Show off your bridal glow with bare minimum makeup and rock your wedding day by amazing your guest with your natural beauty. Another makeup trend for 2019 wedding could be Metallic eye makeup. This touch up is proven to be a great alternative to your nude makeup look. It gives a shimmery glow on your face and leaves a spark in the eyes of others.

Hair Trend:

Whether you have curly hair, silky smooth ones or short hair, the floral crown around your head is what the 2019 wedding trend hypes about. It keeps the rest of your face fresh, beautiful and pretty! Wavy and loose hair with a floral tiara changes the appearance of the bride to be a floral princess.


The dessert tables are so much in trend now, including the edible toppings on the wedding cake. Cookies, biscuit, brownies and other delicacies keep the guest constantly happy. The late-night wedding snacks are now being in demand and replacing pizzas over other comfortable and homely food options.

These are the top weddings trends of 2019 that you shouldn’t miss to implement on your Big day. So search up the best banquet halls in south Delhi and get set ready to rock your Wedding day with the pre-planned wedding ideas we’ve rendered for you.