An earring, in Layman’s term, can be explained and understood as a piece of jewelry attached to the ear either through a piercing in the earlobe or any other part of the ear through a clip on.

Earrings are made of different components. However, pearl earnings are preferred by most of the women around the world due to its elegance and beauty. Drop pearl earrings consequently have been gaining a lot of popularity in the present market. These are short earrings which do not dangle down the ear.

The earrings can be both worn for formal events or at work. Drop earrings are perfect for professionals as they portray a sophisticated side of a woman and also depicts that she cares for her appearance.

The history of drop earrings is ancient. The tradition of wearing such earrings has been carried down through a lot of generations. Earlier both men and women, used to flaunt these types of earring.

It was not until recently that they were seen as an ornament for beautification and became an integral part of fashion. And not only drop earrings, but a lot of different types of earrings were also introduced once when the fashion industry shifted its focus on pearl related jewelries.

Now people like wearing hoops dangle earrings and all made from different components. However, drop earrings are still widely preferred by women all around the world as it brings about a certain level of comfort. They are small and have the perfect size to carry around for an entire day. Otherwise, women have been seen complaining about how their ears hurt after wearing the dangle earrings for a complete day.

Many people are now getting aware of the different skin disorders these earrings can cause. Due to piercing the earlobes experience wear and tear and it can be harmful for the human body. That is one of the main reasons why more and more people are moving to clip on rather than piercing. Thus, clip on drop earrings is the hot product to purchase in the jewelry industry.