There’s nothing more daunting than trying to please your tween daughter. And with the holidays right around the corner, you could be feeling the pressure to find her the perfect Christmas present.

It’s already hard enough to keep up with the youth’s trends, and you don’t want to disappoint your daughter with “uncool” presents.

Not quite sure what Christmas presents to buy for the tween girl in your life? Don’t start sweating yet… Here, we’re going to unwrap this year’s list of trendy Christmas gifts for tween girls. Just keep reading to find out what they are!

  1. Jewelry

Chances are, your tween has already raided your jewelry drawer and likes to accessorize herself with pretty, sparkling pieces. So, what better thing to gift her than her own jewelry?

Tween girls would appreciate anything from rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. The jewelry you choose doesn’t have to be super fancy, either, so feel free to purchase a few different accessories to package together to give her some options.

Hunting for beautiful, high-quality jewelry worthy of your tween’s attention? Check out for some inspiration!

  1. Instant Polaroid Camera

Is your tween constantly on her phone? This Christmas, gift her an instant Polaroid camera that’ll keep her away from her screen and more present.

These cameras are popular with tweens because photography is so in this year. Your tween will fall in love with taking selfies of her and her friends or exploring nature to capture some cool shots.

  1. Neon Decor Signs

Help your tween spice up her bedroom by gifting her an adorable neon decor sign. There are many different kinds of signs to choose from including the following, which are popular among tween girls:

  • unicorn
  • lightning bolt
  • cactus
  • smiley face
  • rainbow

The bright glow of the sign combined with the fun variety of available shapes is sure to put a huge smile on your daughter’s face this Christmas. Just make sure you include batteries!

  1. Personalized Journal

It’s important for young girls to be encouraged to write down their feelings, even if it’s only a sentence or two. Journaling can be beneficial to a person’s mental health and mood, so gifting a tween girl a personalized journal is a great way to support this.

Nice-looking journals can be found nearly everywhere (Target and TJ Maxx always have cute ones!), and you can personalize them by getting them monogrammed with your tween’s initials.

  1. Scrunchies

To tween girls, scrunchies are very cool. They’re cute, easy to find, and are relatively cheap, so you can easily make your tween’s entire Christmas by gifting her a whole bunch of scrunchies in different colors and textures.

Pay attention to your tween’s style; does she like patterns and bright colors or does she prefer a more simplistic look? Keep this in mind when you’re purchasing scrunchies for her and she’ll no doubt love it!

Make the Holidays Special With These Christmas Gifts for Tween Girls

The tween girl in your life is navigating that rocky transitional period between childhood and her teen years. This Christmas, make her day extra special with the perfect gift. Now that you’re aware of 2020’s best Christmas gifts for tween girls, you can start shopping with confidence!

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