This time of the year pretty much every couple is busy making plans for V-day. But if you are single and you still want to use this lovers’ holiday as a party reason, you should get ready for Galentine’s Day. This holiday is on the 13th of February and it’s meant to celebrate the friendship you have with your “gals”, so get your friends over and start planning. This is the perfect way of having fun while being single and also shows your appreciation and love for your friends. It’s also a very good excuse for throwing a party. In this article we are going to help you out with some suggestions on how to make this party memorable as well as give you some outfit suggestions. So, get ready to party and if you want to read more about Galentine’s and its origins, check out this article from Cosmopolitan.

Themed Party ideas

If you are active on TikTok you surely saw all the new trends of throwing themed parties. It became so popular that the ideas for themed parties are now pretty much endless. If you want this to be an easy to remember party, you should definitely choose a fun theme for it. You could have a cocktail theme, where each of you makes a round of cocktails, they could be based on your jobs, personality, favorite color or any other original bits, so each one is special. You could also have a dress code such as “first letter” where you dress as a character whose name starts with the same letter as yours. Disney theme, where you choose a character, and the choices are infinite. Make sure you and your girls make the most of this party with the theme you choose. 

Outfit inspiration

If you choose to have a non-themed party, we got you with the outfit inspiration. Because this holiday is about women getting together to celebrate themselves, you can either go full feminine energy or super cozy and relaxed. If you choose the first one, the key is to accessorize elegantly while wearing a simple dress and you’ve got a look. For a cozy outfit that is still cute, you can wear a plaid skirt with a chunky woolen sweater and add some cute socks to match. Visit for some sweater options, if you don’t have one already. No matter what you’re wearing, you want to make sure it looks good in all the pictures. 

Photo Corner

This is why your outfit should look good in the pictures, because if you follow this suggestion, you’ll take a lot of them. Having an at-home photo corner might seem harder than it actually is, and it will surely make all the difference. All you need is some balloons, one or two lamps and a good background. For this you can choose a thistle drape, a nice wallpaper or just an artsy spot in your house. The lighting is the most important thing and you can freestyle the rest according to your group’s preferences. This will get you some good pics for your Instagram.