When picking a prom dress, considering only the color, length and style are not enough. If you want to make an impression and differentiate yourself in the crowd, then along with other things, you have to consider the fabric. Fabric is the material with which the cloth is prepared. Not all prom dresses are created equally. While some fabrics are more suitable for structured design, others are good for flow and light looks.

Before you buy a prom dress of your dream, would you like to know which fabric will be the right choice for you? Read on to know about these fabrics and why they will be an outstanding choice for gowns.

1. Chiffon

It is a transparent material, which is used in layers to create flow effects. Usually, made of rayon or silk, chiffon provides a soft and delicate appearance. This fabric has good breathability and drapability, and is very comfortable to wear on the body. Due to its transparent and smooth characteristics, chiffon dresses bring unparalleled beauty and a romantic taste. Even when girls wear simple prom dresses made out of chiffon, they look charming and dignified. Irrespective of whether it is a sexy cut, which reveals a large piece of skin or a simple and comfortable design, the prom gowns will always highlight the beauty of a woman.

2. Lace

If you want to add a graceful touch to your prom attire, then this fabric will be the right fit for you. Comes in a startling variety of styles, this fabric that was originally used only by the court aristocrats to display power and status, now has become one of the indispensable elements in modern women’s clothing. This fabric has a magical power to meet romantic and dreamy yearning of girls. Prom dresses made of lace can make the girl’ body full of temptation in the faint, and thus, creates a sexy girl’s posture.

3. Satin

Satin is one of the most popular, versatile, and durable prom dress fabrics. Formed from a fabric such as nylon, silk or polyester, this material has a glossy surface, and so, it is perfect for more structured gowns. This fabric is ideal for all body types and is suitable for drapes, pleats, and ball gown styles. As it tends to be a thicker fabric, it is also a good choice for cooler weather prom.

4. Organza

Organza is another choice for prom dresses. This fabric has the look and feel of a combination of tulle and chiffon. It is shiny and pure as chiffon and as strong as tulle. This fabric is mainly used for skirts, overlays, and sleeves on dresses.

5. Taffeta

Taffeta has a sleek and crisp design. Woven from silk and synthetic fabrics, this high-grade material is considered perfect for prom dresses. This fabric not only produces rustling but also a soft and smooth feel. As it is stiffer than other materials, it is the right choice for more structured silhouettes like mermaid or trumpet dresses. Moreover, this fabric also has the advantage of more comfortable to wear.

6. Tulle

It is another material that is used for making prom dresses. Usually made of nylon, silk or rayon, this fabric looks like a mesh. This fabric comes in a wide array of colors, and it is readily available. If you want to look like a princess in the prom party, then a gown made of tulle will be the right choice for you.

Along with the mentioned ones, a prom dress can also be made of jersey, elastic satin, and many more. As the fabric plays an important role in determining the look, feel, and the comfort level, before you decide whether to buy red, pink or burgundy prom dresses, choose the fabric. And once you have decided all these, choose a reputable shop to buy the desired dress.

Author Bio: David Harris, a popular blogger on sexy and simple prom dresses, here writes on some of the fabrics that are used for making prom dresses. He also suggests to determine the fabric before deciding whether to buy red or burgundy prom dresses.