You will never know true love until you feel it wrapped around your arms like a blanket of security, tenderness and kindness. And you will never feel the same joy than when you are cuddled with warmth as you lay there dreaming. I am of course talking about spa robes. The same ones that feels like butter and relaxes you better than anything(or anyone) ever could. So, how exactly do you find the robe that is your perfect match? Well, this article might just give you a tip or two about choosing which lucky robe you are going to go home with.


Robes have been around for some time and women often wear them by the pool to dry them off or at home to simply just relax. Spa robes are the ones worn at massage or spa centers that helps keep one relaxed all throughout a day of pampering. And now, they have become mainstream and there is now a robe for everyone’s particular taste, gender or purpose. There are many colors and different fabrics to choose from so whatever suits you best, I’m sure there is something out there for you.

Spa robes and bathrobes are not simply worn for their functionality, they are often worn as a means to be comfy and to experience that feel of luxury. It is like a quick and easy way to jump from 40 hours a week mode to a leisure time at the spa without having to go anywhere else than your own home. So why exactly are people particular of their robes and what difference does it even make? To answer that question, we must first understand what robes are made for.

There are many reasons why people find a certain robe appealing to them. This is because there is just an amazing amount of robe choices that people can choose from. Each robe fits a personality and all the meticulous efforts will be well worth it in the end.

Purpose of Spa Robes

Just to get the obvious reason out of the way, bathrobes are used to quickly and easily cover people up as they leave the bath, showers or spas. While it is comfy, the number one function that it should have is the ability to absorb excess moisture from the ones wearing it. Another reason why robes have become a fixture is because it provides warmth while still being cozy. Being in a robe feels like wearing your bed wherever you go. Some hoods even feature hoods to completely cover all the parts of the body and make sure you will be warm all over. The most common material used for bathrobes are Terry made cotton because they have excellent absorption.

Beach bathrobes have become a fixture among beach lovers. While the robe provides the same functions such as comfort and absorption, here it gives another advantage and that is to protect the skin from the sun. Beach bathrobes provide better UV protection than normal bathrobes and it keeps the body from getting totally covered so you can still flaunt that sizzling body.

Spa robes are now commonly seen at homes as well. These are the ones truly made for comfort and almost for nothing else. They are usually not as fancy looking as other bathrobes but most home robe owners would not mind. All they will think about is going through the end of the day relaxed and ready to lay flat on the bed.

At the spa or massage parlors, customers are made to wear spa robes to let them fully enjoy the pampering they are going to receive. There are many kinds of spa robes as well ranging from the simple yet classy up to the luxurious and insanely expensive.

Robes have now become one of the basic garments that most homeowners consider essential. Despite still being considered a luxury item by many, there are quite many economical choices so anyone can now have one. With so many options, people are starting to get excited about getting the right one for them.

Choosing the right one


Depending on the kind of robe you are gunning for, you might want to consider just how much of your body is exposed while you are wearing the robe. For instance, a home robe for when you might actually expect to receive guests might need to cover up as much as it can. While a beach robe, where you usually have a bikini or swimwear underneath might not need as much coverage.

Being comfy does and being decent does not necessarily have to go against each other. Choose a robe that feels comfy to wear even with people looking at you.


If there is something that robes should be, it is that they have to be breathable. Warming you up means keeping you from shivering and not making you sweat like a pig. If you live in the tropics, it might be better to choose thinner robes than one of the more plushier ones. It simply does not make sense if you are going to wear something made for absorption if you are just going to soak it up with your own perspiration.


With all the focus on added functions and features of the modern day robes, people tend to forget its main purpose and that is to dry people off. Though there are some robes that are not meant for drying, for instance, robes made from cashmere are more like something that you would walk down a catwalk than something that you will fall asleep with while watching television by the couch. Make sure you bath robe is absorbent but also dries off easily because bathrobes are meant to be worn everyday.

Final Word

Robes are one of few low hanging fruits of joy that modern living has afforded us. With all the stress we experience at work, a robe might just be the perfect someone to look forward to go home to.