When you think about western wear, what comes to mind? For some, they might think of the wild west portrayed in classic films, novellas, and paintings. For others still, “western wear” might bring to mind a modern cowboy or cowgirl lifestyle — living off the land and wrangling a ranch.

But, for many — let’s be honest — western-style might seem a bit kitsch or unapproachable. And while, sure, that sentiment can be understandable, it’s officially time to shake free of any lingering stereotypes. Because at its core, western wear is a reflection of its rich, storied history and just as tough, timeless, and beautiful as the world it lives in.

It’s fashionable, comfortable, and built for everyone. Even you! Keep reading to see for yourself, and explore our five reasons to try out western wear.

  1. It’s Authentic and Storied

Western wear isn’t fast fashion. It’s as old as America itself and a testament to the wild spirit of centuries-old pioneers and indigenous peoples.

When you purchase a pair of cowboy boots, a winter sherpa, or “shacket,” or you finally pull the trigger on your very own Stetson — you’re entering into a long legacy of hardworking, tried-and-true visionaries. You’re stepping into history and taking up the mantle of those who came before, linking arms with those who saw the open country, sprawling vistas, and said, “let’s ride.”

With western wear, you get more than clothes. You get home, and you get heritage.

  1. It’s Versatile and Functional

It’s hard to find textures, stylings, shoes, and more that look good on any size, gender, or shape. But western wear? It looks good on anyone — from young cowpokes to the parents and grandparents who raise them.

Western wear doesn’t exclude anyone, and it’s readily available for everyone. Oh, and did we mention? It works hard as heck no matter who you are — from outerwear built to keep you warm on cold, cold nights to snakeskin boots made for walking more miles than you have years.

  1. It Just Looks Good

Sure, some western wear for women and men can be a little loud or a bit too much. But on the whole, and when you find the right outfitter, western wear is every bit as fashionable as common designer brands.

For instance, brands like Tecovas offer affordable boots to rival the pop-cultural appraise of brands like Yeezy or Nike, while brands like Lucchese offer boots to rival the prestige and fame of fashion houses like Balenciaga or Louis Vuitton.

At the end of the day, western wear is artful, often bespoke, and representative of culture and craft. And it just looks darn good.

  1. It’s Good for You

If style, function, and history aren’t enough to convince you, take it from a doctor. According to foot and ankle specialist Brady Rhodes, cowboy boots actually provide “a built-in heel lift.” This helps reduce stress on your Achilles tendon and provides a far more comfortable fit — all day, every day.

Western wear doesn’t just look good. It’s good for you.

  1. It’s Timeless

How many outfits from roughly one hundred years ago still hold up today? Not many. But with western wear, you’re purchasing a certain timelessness and value that pretty much no other fashion stylings can offer.

When you buy cowboy or cowgirl hardware and fashion, you’re making a safe investment. It looked good a century ago, it looks good now, and don’t we know, it’ll look good in another hundred too.

Choosing the Western Wear that’s Right for You

Now, if you’re finally convinced western wear is the right choice for you — because it is — then it’s time to stock the closet. So, get out there and start exploring. Find your favorite brands and suit up!

And, as always, be sure to visit our site and check back daily for everything western wear and beyond!