Many women want to appear natural but cannot stop using makeup to complement their natural beauty. And that isn’t a bad practice. Makeup, when used in the right way, improves the appearance of many women. When done wrong, makeup can detract from your beauty and leave your appearance odd and unappealing.

This is why so many people have adopted the no makeup-makeup look. This doesn’t mean that they don’t use makeup at all, rather they use makeup to make their appearances natural as if they have no makeup at all.

While this may appear easy, it is tough to pull off. Here are some expert tips on how to easily pull off the I’m just-genetically-blessed, no makeup-makeup look.

Wash your face well

The best makeup artists will tell you that the journey to the best makeup starts with a clean face. It won’t help your appearance when you apply any makeup products, however little, on dry or dirty skin.

Use flannel or a gentle soap for washing your face and avoid exfoliants since they may highlight the redness in your complexion.

Use moisturizers to get soft, hydrated skin

A soft and hydrated face ensures that makeup rests well. Avoid dry or overly greasy skin since this may prevent you from achieving that natural glow that you wish to have.

Primers are better than foundation

When you are going for minimalism, a primer is far better than foundation.

Unlike foundation, primers usually have a thin serum-like consistency. While both will fill your pores to achieve smoothness, foundation overdoes it, clogging them and leaving a thick layer. A primer will make your glow from within and leave little traces of having used any makeup.

Use concealer for blemishes

While some women have no problem letting their blemishes show, it’s a problem for most ladies. To cover yours, a light-weight hydrating concealer is the best way to go. It will hide all dark circles and blemishes on your face, bringing you closer to the no makeup-makeup look. For the best results, blend the concealer with your fingers since the warmth from your fingers helps melt the concealer evenly.

Fake the flush

Natural blushed skin has some beauty in it that most women can only envy. But that can be fixed with a little cream blush. Just add a little bit of the cream on the bridge of your nose, the apples of your cheeks and the temples. It will give you a gorgeous and unpolished appearance of natural blushed skin.

The quality of cream used matter a lot. As such, ensure that you are buying only high quality cream blush from a store like Mixtrade. The same should go for all other makeup products as well.

Go light or skip it with mascara

Mascaras can make or break your looks. Only use mascaras with a thin brush instead of a thick fat brush. The former has a more natural look, which is what we are aiming for. Only buy lengthening mascara with natural fibers since the volumizing mascara and waterproof alternatives look heavier and could destroy your ‘natural’ looks. If you can’t find an ideal mascara, you can always skip it without compromising your appearance.