Holidays are here! This is the time of gathering up with family and friends, sharing big meals, laughter and of course, the exchange of presents! Oh yes, presents are the best part of holidays! Giving out gifts to your loved ones, and receiving gifts is the ritual of holidays, that we all love to celebrate.

Giving gifts must be fun and exciting, but rather, it becomes quite stressful. We know how challenging it can be to buy gifts to all your loved ones, and especially if you are on a limited budget. But who says you need to buy super expensive gifts, eh? What if we tell you, there’s a smart way out? 

In this article, we have top gifts under $100, that’ll bring a wide smile on your loved one’s face and even you’ll be happy because it didn’t cost you a fortune. We have a wide range of gifts listed below, including board games, accessories for women, gadgets, jackets (that you can get from a Spirited Ryan Reynolds Jacket and much more! So, start digging in, to get the worthiest and cheapest gifts this holiday season.

  • Wordle board game – $19.82

Get this wordle board game for your niece or nephew, and play along with them this holiday season. Gather up all your family members, make some popcorn, bring out some blankies, and start playing this game. 

  • Art inspired chess set – $55

If you have a chess lover in your family or your friends, then this is the perfect gift for them! This colorful chest game doubles the fun of playing the most intellectual board game. You can plan a game night with your friends this holiday season, and enjoy some precious time with a good vibe.

  • Sunrise alarm clock – $79.95

Who doesn’t love sunrises? The aesthetic and beautiful look that a rising sun gives is uncanny! This Sunrise alarm clock can be the perfect gift for your dear ones this holiday season. The sunrise effect with a soothing tone, is a more calming and softer way to start the morning.

  • Wireless charging pad – $15.99

Do you have someone in your family who’s always on low battery? Then this is definitely the gift that they badly need. This wireless charging pad charges your phone quickly, and provides you with a good battery to cherish. The good thing is, the pad looks nice and pretty, and is portable as well.

  • Lamp for warming up candles – $54.99

Aren’t candles so soothing and pretty? If you have a candle preserver in your family, then give them this, and see how happy they get! This lamp for warming up candles lets you enjoy the scents of the candles without worrying about them being lightened up. 

  • Mini fireplace – $78.40

Winters call for warm cups of cocoa, some heavy and cozy blankets and a fireplace. This mini fireplace fan can be used indoors and it is super safe as well. The flame coming out from the fire pan keeps you warm and cozy and entertained as well. So, what are you waiting for? Get your cup of cocoa, a book to read and sit by the fireplace to cherish winter evenings. 

  • Digital photo frame – $69.99

Who doesn’t love placing photo frames on their dressers? The best and most affordable gift for this holiday season, can be a digital photo frame, that can be either mounted on the wall or can be placed on the rack. You can now capture memories in a frame and recall them every day.

  • A cold brew coffee maker – $27.99

If your parents are a cold brew consumer, then this is the best gift that you can give them this holiday season. All they will have to do is fill the filter with coffee, add water to it and shake it. This will save them coffee shop trips and a great time saver. 

  • Pack of socks – $66

We all love adorable socks, in bright colors and unique patterns. This pack of Bombas socks have the best durability and arch support. These holiday themed socks in bright and vibrant colors look super cute and are perfect to be given to people who adore practical gifts. 

  • Gold bracelet with zodiac sign – $90

For a customized gift for your loved one, you can opt for this stunningly gorgeous gold bracelet with a zodiac sign attached to it. This delicate gold bracelet is something that every girl would love to own. The simple and subtle design of the bracelet is paired up with a customized zodiac sign, and it looks stunning!

  • La Mer hand cream – $90

Winters are all about cold breezes and dry skin – but not only more, because this La Mer hand cream is the ultimate solution for it! Gift this hand cream to your loved one, and make sure that they never get cracked or dry skin. It’s the perfect gift for someone who loves smooth and soft hands. 

  • Instant camera – $73.25

What else could be the perfect gift for a memory maker, other than an instant camera, eh? An instant camera will be their companion, as they roam around the world making memories. Gift your dear one with an instant camera and be the one whom they recall every time they use it.


Gifts are the best thing of the holiday season – so, rather than making it a burden on yourself, act smart and get some super amazing gifts under $100. Make memories and have a good time! Happy Holidays!