Did you know that fine jewelry represents 85% of the jewelry industry? With the growth of technology, many are finding ways to buy fine jewelry and other types online. However, it is important to recognize a reputable online company from a scam.

Read on to learn about how to choose jewelry online for new shoppers.

Research Businesses

When you choose jewelry online, you need to ensure you are buying from a reputable company by doing research. Buying jewelry online can be a great option if the company has great online reviews. A business that does not share its reviews online may be a scam.

While researching, don’t just check the online reviews. Be sure to read the descriptions of the pieces so you don’t run into any surprises. For example, styles for necklaces may not actually look like the picture provided.

Online jewelry stores also make comparing jewelry prices easier. Because you can bounce back and forth between companies, you can ensure you are getting the most for your money.

Read Shipping and Return Policies

You can choose jewelry online based on the shipping and return policies. For example, you may not want to buy from a certain business that does not offer returns of any kind. This is especially true if you are looking to buy an expensive jewelry piece.

Understand that even when a site offers returns, its policy may exclude certain items. The information about shipping and returns should always be clearly represented. Consider it a red flag when a company does not have this information listed.

Ask For an Appraisal or Certificate

An appraisal should get provided by the seller that explains the value of your piece. Earrings and bracelets and more should all come with an appraisal. If it is not offered, contact a site to ask if they can get an appraisal or certificate for you.

These are important documents because they list specific attributes of the piece. If you are buying a roman piece, an appraisal is necessary. This Roman jewelry article explains the history of these pieces and how precious they are.

Consider a Warranty

Some online jewelry companies offer a warranty for their pieces. If the item you are eyeing comes with a warranty, make sure you understand it before making a purchase. The warranty could come from the seller or the manufacturer.

A good warranty will cover loose gemstones and defects for up to a year. Without this offer, you are responsible for any repairs that you may need down the line. With a warranty, you can send back your piece for repairs without paying any extra costs.

How to Choose Jewelry Online Explained

Knowing how to choose jewelry online is all about finding a trustworthy company to buy from. After finding a reputable business through research, reading policies, asking for appraisals, and considering a warranty will help you make the right decision. Don’t waste your time going to a jewelry store when you can start buying jewelry online now!

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