Custom tshirt printing Singapore has been the hottest trend for many years now.

We all want the best custom printed t-shirt that will last the longest, even when worn and washed many times.

Do you know how to find a custom printed shirt that will last you for years, even if you wear it practically every day?

Read on to learn what the best printing method is, how to pick the best material, how to wash your custom tshirt to make it last longer, and how to find the best place for your t shirt printing Singapore.

Best printing methods and material

If you want a tshirt that will last virtually forever, you need to know the best printing methods and what material to use.

There are three main printing methods that typically stand the test of time — screen printing, DTG, and sublimation.

Screen printing works really well on just about any fabric, but wool, silk, and cotton are the best.

First, a stencil is created of the design you want — there will be a stencil for each color you want in the design, as well.

After the stencils are created, they are placed on a mesh and the ink is pressed into the mesh onto your shirt.

There are machines that do this, as well as it being done by hand.

DTG or Direct To Garment printing is done by making a design on a computer and printing it directly onto the shirt with a special ink that bonds to the fabric.

This works really well on cotton shirts only.

Sublimation is done by using high temperatures and pressure to turn the ink into a gas that penetrates the fabric and literally becomes one with it — it is great for all-over printed designs or designs that repeat.

Polyester and other synthetic fabrics are best used with this printing method, as cotton will not take to the process.

How to wash a custom printed shirt

When you get your custom printed shirt, regardless of the method used to print your design, you will want to wash it properly to extend the life of it.

The best thing to remember is to always turn the shirt inside out, wash it in cold water, and either hang it to dry or only use low heat in your dryer.

Do not use bleach and never use an iron on the printed design.

Another great tip to extend the life of your shirt is to avoid harsh soaps.

Finding the best custom printed shirt

When looking for the best place to get tshirt printing Singapore, do your research to find the best place.

Ask friends, family, and neighbors where they get their custom printed shirts.

Determine what design you want, the fabric you would like, and the best printing method to get the result you want.

Search online to find places that can cater to the choices you have made.

Look at a few pictures of the shirts they have done, and the reviews of other customers to determine their quality.

Ask what they would charge you for the printing and how long it would take.

No matter where you go for your t shirt printing Singapore, remember to wash and care for it properly, then you will enjoy a custom shirt for several years to come.