As 2021 comes to an end we saw our homes play a major role in accommodating us as our safe havens and also working remotely due to the spread of the pandemic and the uncertainty of when it will come to an end. With a new year progressing we can’t help but wonder about the emerging inspiring and exciting home fashion designs that will come up in this challenging period of the pandemic era.

This new year brings about optimism, interior design trends will revolve around repossessing spaces formerly modified as home working spaces feeling the natural touch indoors, and a determination to decorate spaces more consciously.

Design is embracing the current trends and vogues while we find joy and fulfillment in creating our beautiful dream home spaces.

The amount of time we want to spend in our homes has considerably changed and therefore this factor determines the décor we choose to design our homes from indoor plants to different curvy designs.

Below are the different types of interior designs we expect in 2022;


These are statement lighting and fittings which are used in interior designs to accessorize beautiful spaces that are eye-catching artwork and stand out in a room while spotlighting the beauty in the room creating a space that people want to spend time in. The interior design of the space makes an impression of who the owner is.


The universe has always had a touch with nature because of its soothing nature and calming effect on the eyes and therefore a shade of green is an ideal option for interior design. The earthly tone of green color is a preferred aesthetic in a beautiful space as it is known that natural colors have a calming effect thus reducing stress levels and lightening one’s mood.

Due to the pressure that came with the pandemic of being constrained the urge for humanity to have a deep connection with nature has amplified thus striving to bring the outdoor in by designing spaces with indoor plants, vases, colored cushions, candlesticks, and other decorative items to feel the touch of nature. We are anticipating seeing more earthly interior shades such as wooden pallets, furniture, and ceramics this coming year.


One of the best materials to use in interior designs are natural resources which are usually extracted responsibly and treated such as bamboo and serve longevity purposes. Environment conservation and non-pollution is key to living is a better lifestyle and therefore selecting material that offers minimal environmental effect such as reclaiming and recycling materials is necessary.

Therefore, one should choose sustainable materials which do not deplete natural resources in the natural ecosystem.


This is an emerging trend that is expected this year as grey has remained a popular color over the years. Colorful kitchens are such as green and blue are expected to continue to trend over the year by giving an organic earthly feel.2022 will see more striking finishes to help draw a look like a reflection of own personal style from marble effects to stone finishes.

This year’s designs will be inspired by culture, a few comebacks from the previous years, and more existing stylish interior designs as the year resonates.