Why is it so important to find the best Portland hair salon? Because nothing makes us feel better than a great salon experience, whether it’s a haircut, having extensions applied or the perfect color refresh. But as amazing as a satisfying trip to a hair salon can be, a bad experience can be heartbreaking (we’ve all been there!) Here are the top 5 things you should do to avoid any hair salon horrors.

1.Do Your Due Diligence

Asking your friends or family for a referral is a great way to find a good Portland hair stylist. This is especially the case if they have the same hair style or service. You can also check out online testimonials and reviews (Yelp/Facebook/Google). Read through all the reviews thoroughly because you’ll want to choose one or more to visit.

2. Check Out Portland Hair Salon Services

A superior salon will offer a wide range of services including color, cuts, hair extensions and in some cases spa treatments. Finding out the services offered by hair salons in Portland will also help you choose the right stylist.

3. Book a Consultation

There must be a sense of understanding and trust with the salon and stylist you choose.  It’s the only way to end up with a hairstyle that feels and looks fantastic. A professional stylist will be a good listener, ready to learn about your lifestyle, hair care routines, and preferences. They’ll take the time to assess your hair type, its condition, your skin tone, the shape of your face, and other physical features that come into play when determining the best hairstyle for you. The reality is, no matter how much you love your new look, if the stylist isn’t in tune with your lifestyle, it’s going to be impossible to maintain that “new-style” look consistently.

4. Cleanliness Counts

Something else you should check out is how clean and clutter free the hair salon is. Nobody wants to frequent a Portland hair salon that doesn’t care about cleanliness. Reputable hair salons understand that setting high standards for cleanliness, helps reassure their client’s confidence in them and the stylists. Look at it this way – if the stylists that work in a particular salon don’t take pride helping keep the salon clean, why would they take pride in the work they do for their clients?

5. Can You Count on a Relaxing (even fun) Experience?

Not only is it important to find the right stylist, you also need to make sure that the Portland hair salon you choose has a relaxing, enjoyable atmosphere. Do the other clients look relaxed and happy or bored and stressed out. Getting your hair styled is an experience, one of those that should leave you feeling relaxed and beautiful when you walk out the door. So, make yours worth the visit by choosing the best possible hair salon in Portland.

In the end, it could take a little trial and error to find the perfect Portland hair salon, but your search will be a lot easier if you follow the above advice.