It’s your first time in Europe, you’ve been eating croissants and drinking coffee at all of the instagrammable places. You’ve seen the impressive architecture and your feet hurt from all the long walks. From the food to the ancient buildings and nature sceneries, Europe’s got everything and more. We’re sure you’ve made great memories and you’ll probably come back for more. But before you come back, you need something that reminds you of how good this trip was, and you don’t wanna settle for a magnet. Here is a guide of unique souvenirs you can bring back from different countries in Europe, in order for your holiday to last a little longer. If we didn’t include the countries you visited, don’t worry, we’ll come back with more.


If you’ve been to Italy, you surely are amazed by the food and you would extend your trip just to eat some more. Sadly, you can’t take 70 pounds of pizza back home, to eat all year, trust me, we’d all do that. What you can do is visit San Marino’s Duck Store. As it says in the name, this is a store full of ducks…rubber ducks. Apart from being a good place to buy souvenirs from, the store is also an attraction itself. You can find ducks with different jobs, celebrity ducks or even ducks dressed as other animals. This is not your traditional Italian souvenir, but I am sure it’s more interesting than a magnet, plus, you can find ducks holding a pizza, which is as close as you can get to taking some italian food home.


Ireland is a very specific destination, if you go there, you know it’s all about tradition…and gingers. Everywhere you go in Europe you will see a lot of Irish Pubs, the good thing about being in Ireland is that every pub is an Irish Pub. After you drink your Guiness and see all the beautiful nature that Ireland has to offer, you have to take something back. You can take a sweater. Not any sweater, of course, you can take a traditional Aran sweater and do your research on the stitches it has to make sure your sweater brings you luck, wealth or whatever you need. This is the perfect souvenir if you’ve been to the Aran Islands already.


Oh, to be on a boat, floating around on The Aegean Sea, sipping on a fruity cold drink. If you’re reading this from your holiday, I hope this is exactly what you’re doing. I think we can all agree that Greece is the place that you surely go back to, you can’t get enough of it. But before you do, you need to take home something that will last you longer than your tan. Because of the amazing mythology that is part of Greek culture, they have beautiful jewelry based on different gods and goddesses. I believe a unique piece that takes you back centuries, while also reminding you of your holiday is the best souvenir.