According to one study, about 6 in 10 people need prescription glasses or contacts.

If you’ve discovered that you’re part of that group of people, you might be overwhelmed with all the different kinds of glasses.

But choosing glasses can be easier when you look for glasses that will fit your face shape. So keep reading to find glasses for different face shapes!

Figure Out Your Own Face Shape

Before you can start figuring out what type of glasses to get for your face shape, you have to decide what your face shape is.

There are all kinds of different face shapes, but some of the most common ones are oval, triangular, heart, square, and round.

To figure out what shape face you have, you should look in the mirror. If you’re not sure what type of face shape you have, you can always ask the person at the eyeglass store.

While your face shape is important, you should remember that it isn’t always a hard rule. If you think another pair of glasses look good on you regardless of your face shape, then go with it!

Oval Shape

If you have an oval shape face and looking for designer glasses for men, you might want to consider getting frames that are wider than the widest part of your face.

The oval shape face is said to be the most desired face shape because it has the most balanced proportions out of all of them.

You might also want to try and find some walnut-shaped frames. However, they will look best if they’re not narrow or too deep. However, some of the best frames for an oval shape is a square or rectangular shape.

However, people with an oval shape will be able to wear almost any kind of frame. However, you want to make sure that you emphasize your natural curves and try to find a frame that helps accentuate those angles.

Square Shape

If you have a square shape, you might find that you also have a strong jawline with a wide forehead. The proportions of your face should be balanced.

Because of these features, you should find a frame that will help to soften some of the angles of your face. To do that, you should find a pair that is oval or round.

If you are lucky to find a pair that are slightly curved, this can add depth to your face. However, if you find some narrow ones, they can balance your face out and highlight some of your best features.

Heart Shape

If you have a heart-shaped face, your face is probably wider at the brow. Your face shape will narrow down at your cheek, but you will also have high cheekbones.

Because your face can be round or long, you will often look cheerful or sweet. People might feel like they can come up to you and talk to you easily.

Because of this, frames that are winged out will look great on you. However, they should be wider than your forehead.

If you find that your chin is too narrow, you may want to get some bottom-heavy frames to help add some more width to it.

But if you have the other problem and your chin is too narrow or pointy, you should get a frame that is oval-shaped. This will help draw attention up to your eyes rather than your chin.

If you’re more worried about your forehead, you should choose a style that will draw attention away from your forehead. In order to do that, you should get frames with low-set temples.

If you need to wear glasses but don’t really want to draw any attention to them at all, you should consider getting rimless or light-colored frames.

Oblong Shape

Oblong faces are similar to the oval ones. They are normally longer than they are wider, but they’ll have a more square chin.

To help draw attention up away from your chin, you should get glasses that have details on the temples. You may also want to find round, square, or rectangular glasses. This will help to add some width to your face and balance out the length.

Diamond Shape

The diamond shape is a face shape that narrows at your forehead and your chin, making a diamond. This type of face also tends to have broad cheekbones, but these are normally the rarest face shape out there.

If you have this type of face, you should get glasses that draw attention to your eyes in order to balance out the pointed forehead and chin. These glasses include cat-eye styles or ones that have decorative designs on them.

Triangle Shape

Lastly, triangular shape faces are narrow at the top near the forehead but wider at the chin. So to help balance that out, you should get something that is bold on the top of the glasses.

You might want to consider some cat-eye glasses, aviators, or D-Frames. If you want to make a bolder statement, you should get some round glasses that can help to juxtapose the sharp angles on your face.

Learn More About How to Pick Glasses for Different Face Shapes

These are only a few ways to pick glasses for different face shapes, but there are many more face shapes out there as well.

We know that it can be stressful going through all of the different options out there, but we’re here to help you pick out the perfect pair!

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