Since the ancient ages, cotton has been used extensively as a fabric to wear apparels. Its lightweight, breathable nature has made it a favourite of countries where the summers are long and quite unbearable. And hence it comes as no surprise that India is one of the largest producers as well as the consumer of cotton.

One of the most loved daily wear for an Indian woman is a saree. But with the world becoming a shorter place day by day, saree too has undergone a lot of changes and have become more global. As the winters will come to an end soon, it is time too starts exploring different styles of cotton saree.

And for that, we bring 7 trendy and oh so loved cotton sarees for the modern Indian women. Have a look!

  1. Checkered Print Cotton Saree: Even though the checkered print fabric took over the fashion world by storm almost 5-7 years ago. It has been ruling the hearts of fashion lovers since then in various forms. And the latest trend is cotton saree in checkered prints.
  2. Sambalpuri Cotton Saree: This traditional tie and dye saree art form, from the state of Orissa, is gaining a lot of popularity among the urban girls of metro cities. It has many traditional motifs like shell, flower, and chakra, which hold religious relevance. Now it can be surely said, fashion and culture surely go hand-in-hand.
  3. Boho Prints Cotton Saree: Who doesn’t love something which has a perfect amalgamation of modern and traditional. This boho style cotton saree looks so refreshing due to the unique color print pattern and the draping style as well. An ideal choice for late night cocktail summer parties.
  4. Solid Color Cotton Saree: A plain, old cotton saree may seem boring alone but when combined with a unique blouse design, it will surely make the whole outfit capable of rocking any party. Like this white jacket blouse with floral prints, this is elevating the simple peach-pink saree to a party ready outfit.
  5. Floral Embroidery Cotton Saree: Floral designs have been rocking the Indian fashion scene since the last 2 years. And as per many fashion pundits, the scenario will be the same for 2019 as well. This design suits perfectly for formal or informal dinner parties. Also, experiment with the various styles of blouse as well, like quarter sleeves, full sleeves, high neck etc.
  6. Kota Zari Print Cotton Saree: The Kota zari work looks very elegant and royal due to the shiny gold stripes on the saree. It is considered as the best example of a saree design which is so understated yet glamorous looking. These type of cotton sarees are best suited with quarter length sleeves blouse and for daytime hours.
  7. Box Check Cotton Saree: Although similar to the checkered print, box check prints are comparatively smaller in size as compared to normal check prints. Also, this cotton print fabric is used for making the different pattern of blouses, the color of which is often picked in bright colors like orange, white, red, pink, yellow etc.

These were our 7 chic cotton-saree picks for the fall and summer season of 2019. You better rush to a nearby boutique and grab one for yourself.

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