With the super chilling winter season, comes along the toughest decision of choosing the perfect winter outwear. Well, we have several options, including leather jackets, coats, blazers – but the perfect choice is to go with a down jacket.

What is a down jacket?

A down jacket, also known as puffer jacket, is a quilted piece of outerwear that is insulated with either geese or duck feathers. These feathers offer great warmth to the apparel, and the air pockets made up by the bulk of feathers provide the retention of warm air. 

Modern down jackets are not only warm and cozy, but are super stylish and chic. These jackets can easily be paired up with both casual and formal outfits. You can find a wide range of modern down jackets on Blade Runner 2049 Jacket. This online clothing brand has everything that you need. 

In this article, we will be discussing why you should layer with modern down jackets this winter. So, let’s give it a read.

  • Durable

A down jacket is constructed from high quality insulated materials, that makes it highly durable and long-lasting. These jackets are usually worn for trekking, hiking or camping, which requires extra care, because of the rigid environment. So, the best thing about a down jacket is surely its durability, as it can bear harsh conditions and still offer you protection and longevity.

  • Lightweight

Down jackets are quite lightweight and are the perfect piece of outerwear to carry in your backpack as you travel around the globe. Since these jackets are agitated with sustainable and light fibers, it makes them light in weight. So, with a down jacket, you cannot only stay warm, but you can also feel lightweight and free as you climb up the mountains to watch that beautiful sunrise. 

  • Super warm

A down jacket is insulated with warm and soft under feathers of duck or geese, that ensures to provide ultimate warmth. The reason why ducks and geese can survive to swim in freezing cold waters, is because of the warmth and weight that these feathers provide them. You can confidently and comfortably carry a down jacket outside; no matter if it’s snowing or raining. For winters, a down jacket is the best option to go with. 

  • Fashionable

If you are a fashionista, then a down jacket is what you need to grab onto this year. A good down jacket when paired up with a boring or casual outfit, can bring spark into it. If you want to own something versatile and basic, that you can match up with every outfit that you own, then go with neutral colors, such as black, brown or gray. But, if you are looking for something unique and chic, then catching hues such as red, maroon, pink, orange and blue are the options to go with.


Layering up with modern down jackets is the smartest option to go with. These jackets will not burden you with their heavy weight, nor will they make you feel cold or blue in cold temperatures. If you don’t own a down jacket yet, then this is the season to get your hands on it. A down jacket will not only make you feel warm and cozy, but it will be a great investment as it’s durable, and will be super lightweight, so that it’ll be easy to carry around. The best thing about a down jacket is, it’s super fashionable! So, grab onto a down jacket and you are good to go into the snow! Let’s get dressed and enjoy the chills!