As a famous TV show once said, ‘winter is coming’. Except for many of us, winter is now already here.

Winter can also be a tricky time to get your wardrobe right. For the mainland U.S., average winter temperatures sit at 33.2 °F, or just above freezing. How can you look classy and keep warm at the same time?

It’s a challenge we were happy to accept.

Are you looking to create some classy winter outfits for ladies this year? Read on to learn our top tips.

  1. Wear Layers

Winter clothing doesn’t need to be bulky. You have more choices than unflattering, chunky knitwear.

Instead, wear several layers of thinner fabric. Each layer traps air between it to keep you warm. It also lets you create classy winter outfits out of blouses, pretty tops, or floaty scarves.

You can discard layers throughout the day if you need to cool down.

  1. Pick the Right Footwear

Layers aren’t just for your torso. Pair thigh-high boots with midi-skirts or skinny jeans for an extra layer of warmth on your legs.

Flat boots can make the look more casual. Wear higher heels for a more glamorous statement.

  1. Choose Hats With Care

Hats are your best friend in the winter. Not only do they keep your ears warm, but they can also save your hairstyle from wind and rain.

Explore the different types of hats for women. Slouch beanies don’t scream ‘classy’, but a trilby or fedora adds elegance to any outfit.

Bucket hats, fur hats, or floppy-brimmed hats can also be more quirky. Choose unusual materials if you want to stand out.

  1. Embrace the Classics

The matching pantsuit is a classic outfit that works in all seasons. It also works across a range of settings, including work, interviews, and even casual dates.

Add a trench coat and heeled boots for a classy look in winter that will still keep you warm. Swap the pants for a pencil skirt if you want a more girly look.

Want to make it more unique? Choose interesting fabrics or unusual patterns for your matching suit.

  1. Show Off Your Figure in Style

It’s not always easy to show off your figure in a winter outfit. The many layers make it easier to hide beneath your clothes.

Instead, wear a large belt over a trench coat. This cinches the waist for a showstopping silhouette. Add a rollneck sweater to keep your neck warm and add extra flair.

Knee-high boots will complete this classy yet warm look.

  1. Go Retro

Make like a 70s throwback by pairing platforms with flares and a matching jacket. Corduroy is the most authentic material, though it’s not exactly classy.

Consider an unusual fabric or a beautiful check pattern for great results. You can also rock the look and stay warm with a plain-colored rollneck jumper under your jacket.

  1. Accessorize Your Classy Winter Outfits

Accessories are your route to the most stylish winter outfits. It’s also an affordable way to put a classy spin on existing outfits.

Start with over-sized sunglasses or statement jewelry. Handbags are also an easy way to boost an outfit. A high-quality, eye-catching bag will carry every outfit through the season.

Look Great This Winter

These are our best tips for creating classy winter outfits this year. Remember the key advice is layers. These keep you warm and help you create interesting looks.

Mix and match what you already have, and pair them with a sturdy trench coat and boots. Don’t forget a hat for extra warmth and weather protection.

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