Leather jacket is a complete package of style, masculinity and legacy. It would be wrong to say that leather jackets are only meant to be worn by men – Na-uh. Leather jacket is an essential piece of outerwear in both men’s and women’s wardrobe. 

For those who seek a sharp and stylish look, a leather jacket is what you need to grab onto. The concept of leather jacket being a mainstream winter outwear is quite bizarre; a good leather jacket can literally be worn all year round, with all kinds of outfits. 

Leather jackets have been in the trend for more than decades now. Even today, leather jackets stand tall above all in the fashion line – there is no other piece of clothing that comes in with attitude, style and class. For a classic range of leather jackets, you can always use a 49ers Gold Jacket

In this article, we will be discussing the compelling reasons to wear a leather jacket. If you don’t have one yet, then this article will surely be a nudge for you. Start digging in.

  • Versatile

A good leather jacket is not bound to be worn with only particular outfits or apparels – you can literally wear it with anything! Be it a long maxi dress, a tank top and a skirt, a jean and shirt or a formal shirt with pants – LITERALLY ANYTHING! Leather jackets are best known for their versatility, as it can add elegance to any outwear within seconds. You can style up a leather jacket with your basic outfits to add a vintage look to it. 

  • Durable

Another reason why people adore leather jackets is their durability. A good leather jacket constructed from genuine leather, can last for a lifetime, if taken good care of. With the passage of time, you may notice that your leather jacket is being cracked or having wrinkles, but that’s the beauty of something that has its legacy. You must ensure to use leather conditioners on your jacket every 2-3 months, and keep it safe from being soak wet.

  • Protecting

Genuine leather jackets are constructed from animal hides that hold the characteristics of keeping you warm and protected. The thick and padded material of a leather jacket offers protection in case of any road accident. Also, if you are a rider or a racer, you must know that there’s no other outerwear that can keep you as safe as a leather jacket can. It ensures to keep you protected from rain, as its water repellent, from dust, and injuries (in case of an accident). 

  • Easy to maintain

The good thing about leather jackets is, they are super easy to maintain. A good leather jacket doesn’t require anything other than just getting cleaned by a damp piece of cloth to wipe off the dust and water, and being conditioned every 2-3 months. That’s all what you need to do to keep it just as new. 

  • Evergreen

Leather jackets have been in the fashion line for more than decades now, and even today, they haven’t lost their worth or charm. A good leather jacket is an investment that you make, as it’s evergreen. These jackets can add a spark and charm to your personality, and that’s what each one of us desires for. The beauty of a leather jacket is; it never gets old. The older the leather jackets, the better it is. 

  • Warm and cozy

A leather jacket cannot only style up your outfit and embrace you with elegance and grace, but it is super warm as well. A genuine leather jacket with warm lining on the inside, ensures to keep you warm and cozy during cold temperatures. You can layer up your outfits, and add a leather jacket to it to feel warm and comforted. So, you’re staying warm and looking amazing!


We believe that the above-mentioned reasons must’ve been quite compelling for those who don’t wear a leather jacket. If you’ve been looking for a reason, here’s six of them. Go get up, and get your hands on a good genuine leather jacket, to stay warm, cozy and look super charming as you step out amongst the crowd! Feel good!