Models lead a glamorous life. Endless photo shoots, ramp walks and fashion weeks are the part and parcel of being a model which is why, time and again, people wonder what are the things a model does to their skin in order to retain their flawless look.

Well, apart from using luxury skincare products from renowned brands like Platinum Deluxe Skincare, a professional model will also follow the following steps in order to ensure that the natural beauty of their skin remains with them even as they age –

They will multi-mask their skin in a bid to save it


Multi-masking is one of the oldest skincare tricks in books of professional models since time immemorial. This is done in order to protect the skin by not stripping it off of its nutrients.

For instance, according to a professional model who has been kind enough to unravel her secret to flawless skin, one can use a charcoal mask and then follow up with a cucumber mask in order to restore the lost moisture on their skin.

They use steam to deep-cleanse their skin

Deep cleaning your skin is essential when you are a professional model and this should be done after every three weeks or less.

One of the easiest, cost-efficient and healthy ways to deep cleanse your skin in order to remove the gunk from the pores of the same is to subject your skin to the sauna. The steam in a sauna will enlarge the pores on your skin so that you can sweat properly in order to bring down the core temperature of your body.

Now, when the pores on your skin are enlarged, in order to allow sweat to rush out, it also ensures that deep-seated dirt that if left untreated could end up as blackheads are also removed from your skin along with the sweat.

Neat, right!?

A strict skincare routine is a key to being a model

As mentioned in the opening paragraphs, the life of a model is pretty busy which is why; it is evident that their skin will tend to hold on to makeup products and related cosmetic products in its pores. This is the reason why most, if not all, models tend to follow a strict skincare routine that allows the same to take care of their skin by removing all traces of artificial products in a bid to let their skin breathe during their leisure hours.

A typical skin care routine will consist of –

  • Taking off makeup and related cosmetic products with a face wipe
  • Washing the face and the skin subjected to artificial products with lukewarm water
  • Dabbing the skin dry with a soft flannel towel
  • Applying a cleansing (and hydrating) cream on the cleaned areas of the skin
  • Using a scrub or a mask in the areas around the nose, on the nose (the T-zone) and
  • Finally using a moisturizer.


Apart from following the tips mentioned above, a professional model will also subject their skin to ice especially before hitting the bed for the night. Icing your skin is one of the easiest and healthiest ways you can tighten your skin as it increases the blood circulation. All one would need to do is wrap the skin surfaces on their body that are subjected to artificial makeup and cosmetic products with a towel packed with ice cubes or by splashing those areas with ice-cold water. It is as simple as that.