The Wedding of Pearl corresponds to thirty years of marriage. The Wedding of Pearl is so called precisely because of the exceptionality that the finding of a pearl constitutes. As the name suggests, the perfect gift is a jewel with a pearl. It can be a pearl necklace, earrings or even a bracelet. The latter can also be a gift for him, since you can choose a bracelet embellished with a mother of pearl plate. In  you can have all the options now.

Gift for Golden Wedding

Here is the most coveted goal: the 50th year of marriage. But why are they called the Golden Wedding? The etymology goes back to a custom of the Middle Ages: the bride received friends and relatives wearing a gold crown. Since then, tradition has it that the color and the presents for this anniversary are golden. So the gifts for 50 years of marriage can be, for example, wrought or two-tone yellow gold rings to complement the classic wedding day ring. Frames with the number 50 in relief and matching alarm clocks or boxes will also be very welcome. If you don’t know how to know the size of a ring, we have made a dedicated study.

The Right Jewelry Items

A Nano jewel is a versatile accessory that can adapt to various looks, can be worn by the same person on various occasions, combine it with casual or elegant suits, every woman knows how to wear her own jewelry.

The jewel can also be given on the basis of the occasion or in advance of the event, sometimes, it is preferable to give a necklace, a bracelet or earrings before the day of the big event, for example, someone chooses to wear them the day before of a birthday, so that the birthday girl can wear them already during the party. As you go for the anniversary ideas for wife you can have the required options.

Things to Keep in Mind

We must keep in mind that every woman has her own style and that she follows her own idea of ​​fashion, some following the trends of the moment others let themselves be guided by the imagination, jewels can follow the wave or be a free choice.

These are timeless free accessories , a pair of classic earrings can perfectly adapt to a modern look, just as a more modern necklace, if worn with the right outfit, can give an extra touch to a slightly more retro outfit.

Last Words

When choosing a jewel you should never focus on saving to the detriment of quality, this accessory must be seen as an investment over time, in particular gold jewels acquire value year after year, so before opting for very economical choices, think good to the person who will have to receive it as a gift and to what you want to pass on.