Fashion Inspiration From America’s Politicians

Need a luxury outfit for a glitzy evening event? Be inspired by the latest fashion choices on display at the US Inauguration celebrations.

The first US Inauguration ball was held in 1809 by Dolley Madison, the wife of the nation’s fourth president. To the event, she wore a hand-embroidered velvet gown in cream with a showstopping train and scoop neck. Since then, the Inauguration ball has been an extremely glamorous and star-studded event, with all eyes on the designer gowns of the evening.

The Inauguration of 2021 will be remembered more than any other, for the strange circumstances under which it has fallen during the Covid-19 pandemic. With no crowds or outgoing president at the ceremony and Covid compliancy being ensured throughout the proceedings, you might have been forgiven for thinking this would be a low-key affair. But the luxury evening dresses on display at the event told an entirely different story. Here are some of the top looks of the event, to inspire you when outfit-planning for your next special occasion.

Punch-Packing Purple

Purple is a strong, vivid colour, which is symbolic as the merging of red and blue. US Vice-President Kamala Harris, as well as Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton all chose to wear various shades of purple to the Inauguration. This signifies the unity of Republicans and Democrats as the country strives to move forward following the Trump presidency. But outside of politics, the colour purple is associated with royalty, and it is known that Cleopatra chose to wear this shade, which was synonymous with riches at the time. Purple certainly gives off a passionate, luxury vibe, so consider this tone when selecting eveningwear for your next event.

Go Monochromatic

Another stand-out feature of the fashion statements made at the US Inauguration Ball was the trend of going monochromatic. Dr. Jill Biden opted for an all-blue ensemble, using different shades of this tranquil colour to piece together her look, which was a nod to the Democratic party.

Whilst many of the ladies at the ball were rocking different shades of purple and blue, it was Vice President Kamala Harris’ niece, Meena Harris who chose to go in a different direction with her monochromatic green look. With a ruffled sea-green gown, accessorised with stunning, sparkly knee-high boots, this look was refreshingly individual.

Mittens and Masks

There has been plenty of speculation about Bernie Sanders deciding to wear over-sized mittens to the Inauguration. And whilst these may have been a scene-stealer, he was certainly not the only attendee choosing to accessorise for the weather. The ladies donned stunning leather gloves to match or complement their evening wear, all perfect choices for the day, which saw a flurry of snow.

Covid-compliant masks were also order of the day, made from high-quality fabrics such as velvet.

Statement Footwear

One of the showstopping moments of the Inauguration was the arrival of President Biden’s four granddaughters at the swearing-in ceremony, who all wore stunning dresses in shades of white, camel, pink and navy. Later on, they changed their outfits to celebrate the evening’s festivities, each with even more glamorous looks. These were paired with statement footwear including black satin straps and purple stilettos. But the real-stand out choice of the evening was granddaughter Maisie Biden, aged 20, who paired her Rodarte gown with a pair of Nike trainers for the ultimate style combo. This look might not be for everyone, but goes some way to explaining why all eyes are on these granddaughters as being international style icons during this administration.

If you have a special occasion to look forward to this year, and haven’t yet settled on an outfit, be inspired by the spectacular trends on show at January’s Inauguration.