Forget the fake blood and devil’s horns – accessorizing for Halloween events with a subtle yet spooky item of jewelry is a much more sophisticated way to show your holiday ‘spirit’ (pun intended!).

While most Halloween accessories and costumes are good for one night only, themed jewelry pieces such as a skull bracelet or a spider’s web ring make a serious fashion statement all year round. And, if you’re already a big fan of  Tim Burton’s distinct visual aesthetic, biker gear, or even just all-black ensembles, it’ll be easy to incorporate statement men’s silver rings, pendants, studs, and the like into your existing wardrobe for a Halloween-appropriate look.

Still in need of some Halloween accessory inspiration? Read on to find out some of the best men’s jewelry for bringing out your scary side!

  1. Skull Ring

Not sure where to start when it comes to accessorizing for Halloween? One look at these men’s biker rings is enough to give you all the inspiration you need.

For us, the standout ring designs have to be the skulls with red or blue bejeweled eyes. The inclusion of colored cubic zirconia makes for a bold effect, although we’re also in awe of the incredible detail all over the skull, with the engraved flowers and filigree design evoking some serious Day of the Dead vibes.

Of course, there’s no need to stop at just one skull ring. Statement men’s silver rings don’t come much more Halloween-inspired than the claw skull ring, while the ring with the single cubic zirconia eye detail is perfectly terrorizing.

Not into skulls? If you like the idea of letting your knuckles do the talking, take your cue from horror movies with a Jason Voorhees hockey mask ring or a Scream mask ring. Or, if you’re a real Hellraiser (geddit?), how about a Pinhead ring?!

  1. Thorn Detail Cuff

A sterling silver or steel bracelet is a timeless accessory that looks great nestled against leather bands and beaded bracelets for an edgy, well-traveled look. But, why not go one step further and up the ante with a thorn detail cuff?

Tough yet sleek, a cuff featuring intertwined thorny branches is ideal for those of you in tune with both the natural and supernatural worlds. What’s more, if you’re still not completely sold on the idea of Halloween-inspired jewelry, a thorny cuff is a subtle way to dip your toes into this trend.

  1. Skeleton Pendant

While settle for a skull pendant when you can go all-out with a skeleton hanging from your neck? We’ll admit, this look is a little more tongue-in-cheek than the other options on the list, but it’s a fun way to embrace the Halloween theme with your jewelry choices.

Alternatively, you could opt for a medallion or dog tag with a skeleton embossed onto the surface. With a heavier, bolder pendant featuring a gothic-style design, this kind of jewelry piece will evoke more of a masculine feel, while remaining true to the Halloween theme.


  1. Spider’s Web Ring

Statement men’s silver rings don’t come much scarier than a spider’s web design – especially if you’re one of the many people with arachnophobia around the world. Fear of spiders aside, a bold and chunky ring featuring an intricate spiders’ web offers exactly the spooky, gothic vibe we’re aiming to create with these jewelry looks.

  1. Skull Bracelet

A stainless steel bracelet featuring intricate skulls is an ideal way to tap into this Halloween-inspired trend.

Since a steel bracelet is easier to wear than a metal cuff, it’s perfect for combining with everyday looks. In fact, it’s likely that your skull bracelet will look like silver-color beads at first glance, but a closer look will reveal that your jewelry has a dark side, as well as a hidden message.

If you’re a fan of wristwear, a skull bracelet is subtle enough to work well alongside a retro digital watch, a beaded bracelet, or a leather cuff to add a subtle yet edgy, gothic aesthetic. On the other hand, if you don’t usually wear jewelry, this piece is perfect for easing you into the world of accessorizing.

  1. Ax Pendant

From The Shining to Friday the 13th, American Psycho to Hatchet, axes have been the weapon of choice for many a horror movie star. Seek inspiration from their old-school ax-wielding ways by draping an ax pendant around your neck.

Thanks to its asymmetric shape, an ax pendant hangs well from any length chain to create a unique and stylish look. What’s more, you can go as sleek and simple or as gothic and grand as you like. You might even consider painting the blade with a little nail polish for an added detail that fellow horror movie fans are sure to appreciate.

  1. Coffin Locket

A coffin locket with a vampire bat or skull design on the outside is ideal for creating the kind of macabre aesthetic you’ll need to stand out at Halloween events. Of course, the real beauty of a locket is the secrets it holds within.

You’ll get bonus Halloween points if you’re able to find a coffin locket with a tiny skeleton hidden inside to complete the spooky theme. That said, an empty coffin padded with soft red silk would suggest that Dracula has awakened from his slumber and is out hunting fair maidens, which might be even more terrifying to imagine.

Accessorizing for Halloween Events

From spooky skull rings to creepy coffin lockets, there are a lot more ways to have fun with Halloween-inspired jewelry than you might have realized.

But, whichever look or piece you go for, your style statement is sure to be a real talking point at any of the Halloween events you attend.

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