The holidays are upon us. With them comes a lot of stress and anxiety that isn’t healthy or conducive to enjoying time with friends and family. This year, make it a point to pamper yourself and relieve holiday stress with these self-care tips.

  1. Run a Bath

Nothing is more relaxing than a hot bath. Before the holiday stress takes its toll on you, enjoy some time soaking with these amazing bath products from Yves Rocher. From relaxing scents to calming gels, they have just the thing to make bath time a mini vacation.

Before you settle into the tub, turn off your cell phone to block off distractions. Light some candles or play soft music to help you ignore the rest of the world for a few moments.

  1. Take a Breath

Find a few times a day to sit quietly and breathe deeply for one to two minutes. Deep breathing is proven to ease tension and reduce anxiety. During your breathing sessions, focus on filling your lungs with air for a count of four, and then expel the air for four seconds.

Many health watches and fitness devices include breathing apps to help you remember to take a break and to monitor your breathing. If you wear one of these devices, consider setting a breathing reminder or two each day.

  1. Treat Yourself to Something Special

This is the season of giving, so give yourself a present. Indulge in that special pair of boots you’ve been considering or a small item that makes you feel happy. You don’t have to spend a lot of money; permit yourself to have something new during this stressful time.

  1. Pamper Yourself By Pushing Yourself

Exercise is a natural stress reliever. If you don’t already regularly exercise, consider taking up cycling, walking, or jogging. Each of these activities is proven to reduce tension, improve your mood, and provide holiday relief.

If you are already a fitness enthusiast, take up a new type of workout. Changing your routine is not effective at achieving your wellness goals; it provides your mind with a break from the norm.

  1. Get Outside and Play

This isn’t a call to get more exercise. Exercise may be fun for you, but it is usually associated with a goal. Play is free of goals and objectives – it’s just fun.

Science shows play is proven to help reduce anxiety. It’s a great way to spend time with friends and family, and you’ll forget about all those holiday tasks while you’re playing a round of golf or passing a ball with your child.

Holiday Relief is Within Your Reach

Planning events, dealing with extended family, and find the perfect gift – all of these things can diminish your joy during the holidays. Take time to pamper yourself during this season. You’ll enjoy every moment much more, make fond memories if you aren’t stressed to your limit.

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