Wedding bells ring for more than 2 million American couples each year.

And, this time around, it’s your turn to say “I do.”

As you plan for your wedding, though, you might find yourself coming up with more questions than plans for the big day. It’s normal to be unsure of what to expect — putting together the ceremony and reception is a huge task.

We’re here to help you with one of your lingering questions: what’s the average cost of groomsmen attire? We’ll also help you figure out how to dress the guys standing beside you on your big day.

Here’s everything you need to know.

What’s the Average Cost of Groomsmen Attire?

Searching for the answer to this question will yield you a handful of different figures. Ultimately, the average cost of groomsmen attire comes down to the vibe of your big day. Will you have a casual wedding, or do you envision yourself having a formal wedding?

Having the groomsmen wear, say, slacks, a nice shirt and a tie would be one of the cheapest wedding wear options for them.

Next up on the ladder is the option of wearing wedding suits. This look is more casual than, say, having everyone in tuxedos. But if you’re having an outdoor wedding or something more casual, then suits would be more than appropriate.

The good thing about suits, too, is that you and your groomsmen can wear them again. So, you might not feel too bad about shelling out $200 to $499 to buy one.

Now, if the wedding is black tie, thus requiring you to wear a tux, then you’ll have to be willing to shell out more — if you want to buy tuxes, that is. Renting a tux can be cheaper than purchasing a suit. Usually, it costs between $100 and $199.

But if you and your groomsmen want a tuxedo that’s tailored and fitted to each of you, then prepare to pay the big bucks. The average tux costs between $200 and $499, but that’s the average. If you envision something extra fancy, then be prepared to spend even more than $500.

What Else Will They Need?

Getting your groomsmen ready for the wedding requires more than just a set of matching tuxedos or suits. Your guys will have to coordinate their footwear and accessories if you want that uniform, classic look.

This streamlined look will go all the way down to the wedding pocket squares poking out from their jacket pockets. You’ll want to coordinate them all. They’ll either want to flat-out match or go together, even if they come in different colors and patterns.

On that note, your guys will probably all wear coordinating neckwear, whether you prefer bowties, skinny ties or ones with a more traditional width. Will the guys wear matching tie clips and cufflinks, as well? That’s for you to decide.

Underneath the suit, you’ll want to think about the button-down shirt and what color it will be. Should the guys wear belts? And what can or should they wear on their feet?

These additions can make your crew’s wedding attire even more expensive. But you might also consider at least one of these pieces to be a groomsmen gift. So, you could give everyone cufflinks so they match on the day and have a post-wedding souvenir.

How Do I Pick Groomsmen Attire?

As previously mentioned, you’re going to start by selecting a look that fits the formality of the day.

A casual wedding might see the groom and his guys all wearing suits. But it’s not as simple as choosing the type of garment they’ll all wear.

You also have to decide on a color. Luckily, if you’re having a less formal soiree, the guys can wear more colors and patterns to the nuptials. It doesn’t have to be so traditional — you can go for light neutrals, for example.

However, most experts agree that bold colors don’t really work for a wedding getup. So, be sure to choose a muted hue for your groomsmen to wear. If you want, you can make your suit or tux a different color so that you stand out.

On top of that, be sure to ask your bride-to-be about what the bridesmaids will be wearing. You don’t want your color choices to clash with what the women will have on.

Tuxedos can come in fun colors, too, depending on the look you have in mind. For example, you might put your groomsmen into midnight blue getups, as opposed to white or black.

Here’s where you definitely need pocket squares and neckwear for the whole crew. In most cases, tuxedo wearers go for bowties. But you could get traditional neckties, too, if you prefer that look.

Finally, don’t forget about the footwear — such a big accessory can really make or break the outfit. If you don’t choose a single pair of shoes that everyone has to buy and wear, then give strict guidelines. You might even want to okay your groomsmen’s choices before your nuptials so you can ensure that everyone coordinates.

Get Your Groomsmen Ready

The average cost of groomsmen attire is only part of the puzzle. Now, you have to piece together the perfect look for your entire crew of groomsmen. But the above tips will make it a bit easier — and help you budget for the path ahead, too.

If you need more help in choosing your wedding day look — or fashion at any other point in your life — we can help you with that. Click here to read more of our fashion coverage.