Do you want to get the look of your favorite anime characters in your day-to-day fashion? There are plenty of ways to incorporate anime-style outfits into even the most mundane of wardrobes so you can represent your favorite shows without having to don a full cosplay.

How are you going to do it? After all, all animes are different and will range in style across the board. Some anime characters dress like everyday people while others have more diverse fashions.

We have examples that fit into your standard style and examples that can change up your whole look. Keep reading to learn a few tips to incorporate anime style into your fashion routine.

  1. Be Subtle With Merch

If you’re not ready to commit to a full anime wardrobe, you’re in good company. Most people aren’t going to go for anything even resembling what they see on television. It won’t fit into most western countries and it takes a lot of confidence to stand out in that way.

If you want to blend in while still representing your anime obsession, opt for merchandise with the anime on it.

You can find merch for any anime. Sailor Moon merch, Berserk merch, Hamtaro merch, you name it. You’re not limited to t-shirts, which don’t fit into every style. There are hats, pants, headbands, and even more subtle options like wristwatches and makeup.

You can be as subtle or as “out there” as you want with anime merchandise. Some people choose to wear sweatshirts that have full-shirt prints, while other people prefer something like a lapel pin.

Do what makes you feel comfortable and rep your favorite characters in style.

  1. Get That Magical Girl Style

Do you love magical girl animes? Do you want to take on their style vibes but you aren’t sure where to start?

A note, the anime girl styles are a bit more “out there”, though we’ll include a range. Make sure your confidence is up for the challenge!

Magical girl styles vary, but in general, you’re going to get a lot of pastels, frills, and an overall “cute” look. Hair is often bright and in intricate styles and accessories are everything (though we don’t have magical ones for you here; sorry!).

Many magical girl outfits are fashioned around the sailor fuku as a base due to the girls’ transformations. These are school uniforms that are modeled after navy outfits. You won’t be donning a fuku here, but that silhouette is one of your options. This means pleated skirts, cute collars, and puffed sleeves are all great options for more subtle additions to your style.

You can take a page from the fairy kei handbook and opt for a few pastel tones to match the sweet colors of the anime girls.

  1. Go For the Military Vibes

A lot of popular animes have military influence and themes. Some of them are more realistic while others take them in a fantasy direction, such as Fullmetal Alchemist and Attack on Titan.

Military-styled outfits have already reached the western fashion world, so these things are easy to incorporate without standing out too much in a crowd.

We love military-style jackets with their stiff shoulders and cool button patterns down the front. Pair it with a short scarf and a beret, and maybe some well-fitting pants, and you’ve got yourself an outfit.

Remember, you’re not trying to mimic real members of the military. You’re just adopting a few bits and pieces of the style to represent your characters.

  1. Victorian Anime? Try Lolita Fashion

Many animes incorporate Victorian-style elements, such as Black Butler. These clothes are symbolized by frills and a classic bell-shaped silhouette.

There’s nothing more fitting for Victorian fashion than Lolita. Lolita fashion in Japan is doll-like. It takes inspiration from Victorian and Edwardian fashion. Most of the outfits are conservative and sweet, with lots of accessories.

You can adopt a full Lolita wardrobe if you have the confidence for it, but you can also adopt a few elements into your daily style.

Well-fitting blouses with ruffled collars are popular amongst Lolitas. You can also start incorporating circle skirts with fluffy petticoats to give you that telltale bell shape.

  1. Visual Kei: Alternative Looks for Anime Style

Visual kei may be the most “anime” of all fashion styles. While it models itself off of a popular music genre, many anime characters seem to be modeled after visual kei fashion.

It’s characterized by unique clothing with a lot of interesting silhouettes. Clothes are often asymmetrical and mismatched (but in a stylish way) and there are a lot of bold prints and unique fabrics.

Hair is often brightly colored and shaped into fun styles, similar to the anime hairstyle of your favorite anime protagonists.

Colors range wildly from all-black to bright and bold, so you have a lot of flexibility here. While this is a more “out there” look, it isn’t dissimilar to the looks of western punks and modern goths. You’ll stand out, but not in a big way, and you’ll feel cool doing it.

What Are Your Favorite Anime-Style Looks?

Finding clothing that fits your anime style fashion ideals isn’t hard, it just takes some strategizing. Do you want something loud and out there, or do you want something that can show off your anime obsession in a way that won’t make you stand out in the crowd?

Whether you’re going full cosplay, trying the sweet Lolita look, or wearing a sweatshirt with your favorite characters and calling it a day, there’s a fashion style that can lend itself to your favorite anime.

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