How Beauty And Person Care Categories Perform After The Lockdown?

There is doubt that the latest pandemic and lockdown has deeply impacted users’ daily life. It has also added troubles in various fields of life especially transport food and the most important personal care. With the closure of beauty parlors and salons, women, as well as men, are unable to go for beauty therapies.  This lockdown is also changing personal and purchase behaviors. is ready to help consumers around the globe. It offers various money saving methods including the Ounass code. Shop with affordable prices at Ounass UAE store and enjoy the big savings.

According to Beauty Panel of Kantar Worldwide, overall traffic to the beauty industry was stable and growing in the pre-lockdown scenario. There are months for the high incomes in this industry. For example, celebrations, wedding ceremonies, and other festivals bring huge traffic to personal and beauty care places. During these days, everyone is at home and going out is dangerous. Therefore, the public has no option except sacrificing their beauty care routines. Here are some essential feedbacks from the beauty and personal care experts explaining the impact on various categories.

Hair Care Will Receive Short-Term Impact:

During the SARS outbreak, governments imposed no official lockdowns and people were able to continue their regular routines. Hair care industry was not impacted in 2003. The scene is different in case of COVID-19 pandemic. There are curfews everywhere and public has no reason to go out. Most people are not careful about their hair growth and maintenance. Barbers and hair care shops are closed and there are chances that they will receive a short-term impact even after lockdown removal.

Fragrances and Color Cosmetics:

Most females use color cosmetics and scents when they go out for work. Now they are at home and there is no need to apply fragrances. The use of fragrances and color cosmetics is reducing gradually. However, the sales of shampoos and soaps are not dropping as people are using these products regularly at home. Buy the quality soaps, shampoos and hand sanitizers with Ounass code at very low prices.

Skin Cleansing and Body Care:

Rising awareness about the sanitization is motivating the people to use different products during Covid-19 pandemic. For example, experts suggest using hand sanitizers frequently. These are important to keep the skin clean. In some areas, these products were out of stock due to high demand.

Environment Friendly Products:

According to the Kantar Worldwide, environment friendly products have become more popular. Now the users are careful for their Mother Nature. They want to use sustainable products rather than artificial ones. Would you like buying sustainable products? This is easy if you use a Ounass code. Get these codes from instantly. This is easy especially if you have subscribed to this platform online.

The beauty and personal care industry are going to lose revenue in upcoming time. The world will change forever and it will also change our behaviors. Be careful and try to spend more and more time at home.