With Valentine’s Day being just around the corner, and spring approaching fast after that, the season for parties is sure to begin. Whether you like to throw them or just attend them, if you like house parties or fancy evenings, these gatherings are always fun and memorable. In the last year, a new way of partying has been promoted all over tik tok and social media: themed parties. The theme can be based on activities, dress codes or drinks and we guarantee that this makes everything more fun. In this article, we are going to guide you through the world of themed parties and give you some ideas on how to throw one successfully. For decor inspiration check out Pinterest and let’s see how we’re having fun this spring.

Cocktail showdown

The first idea we are giving you is perfect if your group of friends is not too big. A cocktail showdown is a party where everyone makes a round of cocktails based on something unique such as their job, favorite color or any other set theme. You can go all in when making your cocktails and add little snacks and decorations to make it more fun. If your group of friends is too big, or you don’t want to drink as much, you can do this in pairs for the same effect. This can also be done with mocktails if your friend group is not into drinking, and that will be just as fun as a party idea. 

Dress as…

We all love Halloween and we all know how hard it is to choose a costume each year. Now think about choosing your costume based on a theme, and not just for Halloween, anytime you want! That’s a “dress as” party. You can choose from a million options: dress as a disney character, dress as your type, dress as your dream job, and anything else you can think of. For example, you can choose a cultural theme party and have everyone dress in traditional clothes, this would be even better if you have international friends. For the Irish, you can go with an Aran sweater from here https://www.gaelsong.com/prod_detail_list/celtic-apparel and so on with other countries of your choice. This can be adapted for a birthday party as well and you can make everyone dress as something the birthday person likes.


For this next suggestion, the party can be transformed into a day activity as well. Throwing a thrift party can, once again, be about just the clothes or the decor of the party. What you’re gonna do is set a budget and go thrifting for your outfits. If you decide to thrift the decor, you can look for weird glasses, plates and all sorts of vintage pieces. At the end you put everything together and have a vintage inspired thrift party. This party is great because you end up finding some unique pieces that you can use for further parties as well as in your daily life.