If you want to step out looking your best, it’s all about that haircut. Even if you have the most stylish outfit in the world, it won’t come together unless you’ve also nailed the haircut.

However, men have so many choices when it comes to their hair, so how can you work out which are the best haircuts for men? When it comes to haircuts, think about the texture of your hair, along with how much time you want to spend on it each morning.

To help you out, keep reading to find some of the best haircuts for men.

Buzz Cut

It’s a classic, low-maintenance look that many men go for—the buzz cut. Simply buzz it as short as you can, and you’re on track for a sexy look for summer.

This look is a favorite with many Hollywood stars, such as Vin Diesel and Tom Hardy. It’s edgy and masculine, plus it requires zero styling.

Low Fade

The low fade is one of the most stylish haircuts for men. With this look, it’s longer on the top, then the sides taper down lower on the head.

It’s a fun and versatile look that just about anyone can pull off. Head to the Men’s Dept. Barbershop to convert your messy locks into a stylish low fade.


This is a classic, traditional men’s haircut that will never go out of style. It usually involves tapered sides and a bit longer hair on top.

Then, use a comb to create a straight part on one side. It can help to use a bit of gel to keep your hair in place, depending on its length and texture.

Men of any age will look elegant and handsome with this beautiful haircut.


If you’re looking for something edgier that will turn heads, why not try the slicked-back look?

This style is just as it sounds—grow your hair slightly longer and then slick it straight back with product or gel. Just don’t overdo it with the gel, or your hair may look more greasy than stylish.

Messy Waves

What’s the best haircut for men with thick hair? If your hair is thick and wavy, why not embrace its beautiful texture and show it off with the messy waves look.

Let your hair grow out a bit longer, creating a wavy look, with tapered sides. It looks casual, sexy, and unkempt—but in a good way!

So, What Are the Best Haircuts for Men?

There are so many fun and handsome looks out there, so which of these styles are the best haircuts for men?

We recommend finding a barber you can trust and talking to them about which look will work best for your hair and lifestyle. Then, get your professionally cut and start enjoying your new look!

Depending on your haircut, you may want to book another appointment 4-6 weeks after your first cut, to help maintain your look.

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