Did you know that nail polish was first invented in 3000 BC?

It seems as though ancient civilizations loved a slick of color on their nails as much as we do! But, the polish they used was wildly different. It was usually made of a blend of egg whites, beeswax, gelatin, and natural dyes made from vegetables.

The nail polish we use now has a very different ingredient list, and lasts longer both in the bottle and on the nails! But it definitely doesn’t last forever.

Find out the answer to how long does nail polish last? In this guide and make sure your manicure is always fresh.

Does Nail Polish Go Bad?

When painting your nails, do you ever look for a best before date on the bottle? If you don’t, you’re not the only one! But nail polish can go bad and give you a less than satisfactory manicure if you don’t know when it’s past it’s best.

There isn’t usually a set nail polish expiration date on the bottle. But if you check yours, you might find a little icon that says 12M or something similar, which would indicate that it should be chucked out 12 months after opening. However, the best way to tell when your polish is bad is by knowing the signs.

You can tell when a nail polish has lived its life by looking at the texture. If it’s very thick, lumpy, and difficult to apply, chances are it’s time for the trash. This could happen after a few months or a couple of years depending on the polish you use and how you store it.

How to Make It Last Longer

Technically, your nail polish can last for decades as long as you know how to store it. Here are some ways you can help yours last longer:

  • Store it out of direct sunlight
  • Store it in the fridge once opened
  • Use it frequently
  • Stir your polish when you use it
  • Cover the top of your bottle with a coin to stop air from getting in when painting your nails
  • Make sure you always put the lid on tightly

If you’ve done all of these things and your nail polish is still gloopy after just a few months, it could be time to invest in a new brand for your DIY nail designs.

If you find yourself in a nail polish emergency when yours has gone gloopy, find some nail polish remover. Add a couple of drops into your polish bottle, close the lid, and shake to make your polish thinner and easy to apply again. This is definitely only a temporary solution, so be sure to buy a new bottle as soon as you can!

How Long Does Nail Polish Last on Your Nails?

If you’re using regular nail polish, you can expect it to last around two days before it starts chipping. If you’re doing tasks that involve a lot of work with your hands, such as washing dishes or cooking, you could notice chips even sooner!

But, there are other formulas available that are designed to be long-wearing. These include no-chip formulas and gel polishes, which are usually far better at staying on your nails. But there are plenty of other things that can help you polish last longer, and a lot of them come down to you.

Make Your Nail Polish Designs Last Longer

If you’re sick of spending your precious downtime doing your nails only to find them chipping an hour later, you’re not the only one! It can be a massive pain when your polish keeps chipping. Luckily, there are plenty of tips you can try to make yours last longer on your nails.

Apply Thinner Coats

If you’re slathering on one thick layer of polish, it could be the reason yours is chipping so easily. Long-lasting polish needs to be applied one thin layer at a time. Wait until one coat has completely dried before applying the next, and slowly build up the color until you’re happy.

Use Gloves During Chores

If you find your nail polish chips easily when doing your chores, start wearing gloves. These will help protect your polish against cleaning products and water, both of which can make your color chip off.

Layer With a Top Coat

A topcoat is the best way to seal in your color and make sure your polish lasts longer. Try to find one that’s anti-chip and will strengthen your manicure. Apply a thin layer after your polish has dried and you’ll be good to go!

Keep Re-Applying Your Top Coat

A lot of people think that once they’ve applied one layer of topcoat, it’ll protect their polish for weeks to come. Unfortunately, that just isn’t the case. Instead, you should reapply your topcoat every couple of days, helping maintain your polish and keep chips at bay.

Use a Cool Fan

If you’ve been drying your nails using hot air, you’re setting yourself up for a chipping disaster! Hot air can stop your polish from drying properly and make it much more likely to chip. Instead, switch to a cool air fan if you need to dry your polish quickly.

Get the Perfect Manicure

Now we’ve answered how long does nail polish last? and how you can keep it for longer in the bottle and on your nails, you should be set to create the perfect manicure! If your nail polish is still chipping or going bad with these tips, switch your brand and see if the problem is solved.

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