Finding a nice dress to wear is not really a hard thing to do thanks to the extensive selection of items offered in online shops and local boutiques. The only challenge is making sure that the dress you choose suits the occasion and flatters your body type. Learn more about the different types of dresses and the best time for you to wear them.

A-line dress

The A-line dress is best distinguished by its shape. It is characterized by a fitted hip and a gradually flaring skirt. It’s the top choice for women with a pear-shaped body and goes quite well for casual meetings. They also match all sorts of footwear including ankle boots, strapped sandals, wedges, and ballet flats.

Modest dress

Modest dresses are one of today’s most fabulous styles for women. If you are looking for items that can double as church dresses, then you should wear modest pieces. This type of dress is known for its long hemlines and high neckline. They are also loose-fitting and sometimes made from layered materials to conceal the body’s shape. It works quite well for all kinds of body types. You can also wear them for casual and even semi-formal gatherings.

Halter neck dress

Halter dresses are best worn during the summer season. Some of these have long hemlines. Others are made a bit shorter. You can wear them over your bikini when you go to the beach. Strapped sandals, flip flops, and Gladiator sandals are the most common types of footwear paired with halter dresses.

Wrap dress

Wrap dresses are what you expect them to be – dresses that wrap on one side of the body. These often come with a ribbon tied to the back or the waist. It’s perfect for women who want to accentuate their athletic build. The style of wrap dresses tends to create an hourglass-like figure even if you have a slightly rough build.

Asymmetrical dress

If you aren’t sure which dress code applies for a certain event, the safest type of dress to wear is the asymmetrical ones. Sometimes this type of dress has sleeves on one side or hemlines with different lengths. They can be worn by any woman, regardless of the height, shape or build.

High-low dress

If you’re not a fan of symmetrical clothing then the high-low dresses are the most ideal pieces you should have in your wardrobe. It’s a variation of the asymmetrical dress and is mainly characterized by the longer hemline on the back and a shorter one on the front. You can wear these with high cut boots, stilettos, and pumps.

Peplum dress

Peplum dresses are widely known for their young and playful vibe. This type of dress is mostly worn by women who want to make their legs appear longer and their waists smaller. You can mix and match a peplum dress with pumps, peep toes, platform heels or stilettos.

If you need a mega confidence boost during a casual or formal event, try wearing a neutral colored peplum dress. Want something chic and playful? Wear one that features a spaghetti strap and soft and breathable fabric.

Pencil dress

Need to attend a formal event? A pencil dress is definitely the perfect choice. These are mostly made with hemlines that extend above the knees. You can try looking ones with a plunging neckline or those with a sexy turtleneck depending on your style preference or the type of event you need to go to.

It’s highly recommended to know a few things about the choices you have before you go shopping. This way you get to find an item that suits your taste and the occasion. When you start looking for dresses to wear, use the details provided above as your guide. Take note of your body type and check if your target dress looks good on you. Which of the basic types of women’s dresses discussed above do you think suits you?