Prom nights are fun and exciting. It is one of those events where you can do a ball gown and get all the red carpet feels that are otherwise a sole privilege of people from the showbiz and glamour fraternity. Proms are all about flowy gowns, blingy accessories and glamorous makeup looks but all that bling also means weeks of nervousness and prior preparation. You can always work out your jewelry accessories and makeup but the one thing that exhausts most of your time, money and budget is getting the right prom dress. Shopping for prom dresses is in no way similar to your regular clothes shopping. Part of the reason is that prom dresses are in no way like your everyday clothes and you cannot carry your gowns the way you pull up your jeans and button-down shirts. They are an incredibly pricey piece of clothing that needs to be carried the right way, which makes it even more difficult for most women to choose the right prom dress.

If you are already nervous about getting yourself a gown, this quick guide will help you narrow down your search and will help you pick the right outfit.

Know Your Budget

Before anything else, you should know how much money you are willing to spend on your prom, and particularly on your dress, especially if you are on a budget. For ladies who have no issues spending a lot of money may take some liberties at this stage but since most women do shop on a budget this is a very important step. Remember that your prom preparations will also include other expenses such as makeup, shoes, jewelry etc., therefore you cannot spend your entire prom budget on the dress alone. A quick search online will give you a rough idea about the prevailing price ranges in the market and you can shortlist the places that fall into your budget accordingly. Filter out any high street or designer fashion brands and look for stores that offer good quality but cheap prom dresses such as Macy’s or Pretty Little Things.

Know Your Style

The fashion industry has diversified a lot and therefore there are a lot of different designs and cuts available for prom dresses. It is important that you know what style will be the best for you. You should focus on what you can carry with comfort without feeling awkward and what style will complement your body frame. A gown that would look absolutely gorgeous on a broader-framed body might not look as appealing on a skinny body and vice versa. Likewise, your comfort level with the style matters a lot too. If you are not comfortable with plunging necklines or bare shoulders, your discomfort will reflect in your confidence. Pick a dress that you can carry confidently.

Try Your Fit

Even the most beautiful gown can look horrendous if it is not stitched well, the falls are not right or it is not your size. Always try your outfit on before you finalize your purchase. Walk around and see yourself in a full-size mirror to get an idea of how it looks on you. If you decide to order something online, make sure the vendor has a swift return an exchange policy and try your outfit on as soon as it is shipped to you.