Each child has their own preferences – a favorite dish, color or a fairy tale. However, their tastes have many features in common, which is reflected, for example, by fairy tales addressed to the youngest or the toys offered. It is no different with sweets, because we will recommend completely different sweets to adults and children. The former will surely choose more “adult” flavors: nuts and dried fruit, or with a sour note. Our kids, however, most often choose pastries that are sweet, fruity and with chocolate. You can also safely say that girls are more likely to reach for fruit cakes than boys. What other preferences of young ladies have we noticed? We are happy to provide you with our knowledge about the most-chosen cakes for girls.

Delicious fruit cakes

Girls eagerly reach for various types of fruit: from strawberries, through raspberries and blueberries, to peaches. Therefore, a great choice for little fans of sweets will be our fruit cakes, which have a whole lot of delicious and vitamin-filled propositions. A great choice for a birthday cake for a girl will be beautiful Cream Cake with Fruits, which combines many different flavors and, in addition, looks exceptionally impressive. You can order it with candles and a bouquet of flowers as a gift for a little birthday girl! In addition, we encourage you to get to know Cake Raspberry, berry and light base cake which are decorated with seasonal fresh fruits. They will definitely be a perfect addition to a birthday or name day treat for a child.

Children’s cakes – typically for girls

In online confectionery you will find lots of delicious children’s cakes, which are decorated with colorful sugar mass and can take any shape thanks to decorations. If you want to surprise your daughter, granddaughter or niece, you can order a beautiful Cake Bag for a young woman who is already interested in fashion and wants to imitate her mother. Another fantastic proposal will be the Maya Bee Cake or a cake with a print from your favorite fairy tale- it could be a photo from Frozen, PAW Patrol or any other popular cartoon. Thanks to this, you will match the baking perfectly to the taste of your child and surprise her with something truly original. The artistic cakes can have any taste of translation and sponge cake, which is of great importance for the taste of the youngest.

Children’s cakes

If you want to choose a toddler cake and are looking for something that will reflect your girly character, you can choose, for example, our beautiful Pink Baptism Cake or Hello Kitty Cake. Both are fabulously pink and will surely appeal to all guests. Online cake delivery in Ludhiana also has a variety of colorful birthday propositions, including a beautiful Star Birthday Cake and a Colorful Polka Dot Cake. You can personalize each of them with an inscription and attach a greeting card or other fantastic addition. We deliver our baked goods throughout the country, thanks to which you will surprise a small recipient of a sweet package literally anywhere in Ludhiana! If you want to prepare a completely individual and personalized surprise for her, please contact our Customer Service Office and we will help you make a decision!