Trends change by the minute making it impossible to keep up with them. We were only just learning to keep up with the Kardashians. Trends are refreshing, but there is no denying the fact that they can get frustrating. The best way to deal with ever-changing trends is to find a middle ground. Find yourself pieces to invest in that are timeless in terms of style and will forever remain relevant.

Looking to amp up your wardrobe this year for that ultimate boost? Following are our top ten picks for the season that are just as traditional as they are trendy.

  • Red Leather Jacket

A fiery hot and sultry that attracts all the attention, women’s red leather jackets are an absolute must-have item. Striking and stunning, a womens red leather jacket is the most instant boost you can give you to your outfit. Yes, the classic black and brown variant will remain forever relatable and versatile, but it is time to switch things up. Playing with a little bit of color now and then is not only exciting but also very refreshing to the eye.

Although you can style your jacket in an infinite number of ways, a blazing red leather jacket needs its own spotlight. This beautiful tone is not for the faint of heart so to do it justice; you need to wear it right. The best way to do so is with a monochrome look. An all-black ensemble with a red leather jacket on top paired with simple ankle boots; now that is a look.

  • Tie Dye

A trend that made a debut a long time back now is the time for tie dye to make its spectacular comeback.Tie dye is an all-time classic. With its effortless vibe and abstract patterns, tie-dye is never dull. You get a taste of something entirely new with every piece. In its simplicity, tie-dye exudes a very fun and flirty aura that adds to its panache.

Give your wardrobe a much-needed boost with tie-dye. Your safest bet would be to get your hands on a tie-dye dress. Chic and sophisticated yet just as stunning and statement, tie-dye has its own particular look that is impossible to replicate.

  • Slim Straight Shorts

From Chanel to Stella McCartney to Prada, it was raining shorts on the runways this year. While shorts have never been associated with an elegant or polished aura, now, surprisingly enough, shorts are the ultimate fashion statement. In contrast to its baggy casual counterpart,fitted shorts are somewhat unique. Their sleek silhouette flatters all shapes and sizes and looks effortlessly chic with everything you pair it with.

Perfect for formal as well as casual settings, there is an array of fabrics, cuts, and designs you can experiment with. For those casual days, stretch shorts are the new hot pick. For formal gatherings, satin and silk are your best friends. Play with colors and textures and create your unique look.

  • Silky Satin

Silk and satin personify luxury as their smooth and luxurious feel is an absolute treat to experience. Their effortless cascade and deliciously chic façade are impossible to imitate. Gone are the days when silk and satin were mainly employed for lingerie, nightwear or camisoles. Now, silk reigns supreme. From blouses to suits to dresses to tank tops; if you are looking to up your wardrobe, get more satin and silk in your arsenal.

Emanating the most expensive aura and the true definition of high-quality, nothing compares to the look and feel of silk. Exquisite, unique and incredibly versatile; this trend will make you shine like no other.

  • A Tux

Every woman needs a suit. Tuxedos are the true definition of formal wear. They are sophisticated, flattering and incredibly versatile. You can style your tux with anything from a proper dress shirt to a fancy blouse to literally even a tank top.

The critical element to nailing a tux is its tailoring. It is all about the fit. A well-fitting tux is what makes the whole look. If your tuxedo is not well tailored, might as well skip on a tuxedo altogether. Go for a classic all-black or a stunning white or perhaps some color; there are no limitations.Chic, nonchalant but oh so classy, nothing can beat the power of a good, old tux.

  • Ruffled Dress

Ruffles have been making waves for long now (pun intended). Smooth, sleek silhouettes are classic, but if you are looking for something refreshing, you need some ruffles in your life. The Cascades of frills on fancydresses add admirable dimension and character to any ensemble. Ruffles bring an element of flirty fun that is youthful and exciting.

Add ruffles to your dress or your shirt or skirt for a much-needed zing. A simple ruffled dress needs no additional accessory except a cute pair of strappy heels; a forever timeless trend.

  • Oversized Cardigans

Name someone who does not love a good, old comfy cardigan. The epitome of casual comfort, oversized cardigans can be styled in an infinite number of ways. Perfect for layering, cardigans make for excellent accessories or just wear them on their own. With simple jeans, over a dress, with overalls or anything in-between, cardigans are just perfect. A new design that is very hot right now is the popcorn cardigan; the more fuzzy and effortless alternative to the classic style.

  • Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits do not nearly get the kind of love or attention that they deserve. Jumpsuits are truly spectacular. They exude a very peculiar persona that is hard to replicate. The perfect mix of sleek, chic and fun, a jumpsuit is special. Their smooth and form-fitting profile is ridiculously sexy and flatters every body type. They come in an impressive array of designs that is hard to pick favorites. Opt for the classic sleek formal look or something extremely fun like a sequins jumpsuit. Regardless of the style, you opt for; jumpsuits always stand a class apart.

Your clothes have the power to influence your entire persona. We often limit fashion to simply outlook. In reality, fashion is more than that; it is a lifestyle. The best way to boosting anyone’s confidence, fashion transforms your entire look. It makes you feel empowered, and when you feel empowered, you will instantly feel more confident. With the power of your just your wardrobe, you can overcome some of your biggest insecurities and self-esteem issues. When you look good, you feel good; it is that easy.

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