Today’s brides want to remain ahead with fashion and latest trends. They realize the fact that a wedding band is much more elegant than a regular gold ring. It’s evident for some of the brides to wear traditional, elegant wedding bands because they love to maintain their culture and tradition. However, many wish to have an exclusive touch on their wedding bands while sustaining the tradition. The upcoming year is going to see many more new designs and elegant features of wedding bands which fits the entire personality and keeps you a step ahead from every other bride.

There are many jewelry houses which offer wedding bands in the country. We also understand the importance of choosing a traditional style wedding band for you and your partner and that is why we are bringing you an amazing collection. Roll your eyes, and we bet you cannot ignore any one of these.

Stackable Wedding Bands

Stacking is now a common aspect of jewelry designing. Therefore, it must not be a surprise for you that this is the latest ongoing trend. These are traditional style wedding bands with a twist of designs and layers. People can wear these bands one over the other along with the wedding ring. This will give you a unique look which can be customized according to your wish. Brides who wish to get a stacked look can choose one or two bands for their d day. Years after years, you can add bands on any special occasion and place them one after other and ultimately get an amazing look.

Five Stone Wedding Bands

You might have come across five stone rings making the headlines years ago, and these will never go out of fashion. Eternity bands were among the hottest fashion trends and is a preferred choice of jewelry for any bride. These pieces of bands have made their position having a good price point. They are simple still offer an elegant look which is loved by most of the brides. They will love to pair it with their wedding or engagement rings.

Rose Gold Wedding Band

The color rose gold resembles a romantic look gives an elegant feel. This is the reason it’s always ranking high when it comes to wedding bands. It has become the most wanted trend for traditional wedding bands. It’s being spotted on celebrities like Lauren Conrad. She was jumping for this rose band for the upcoming wedding. It offers you a unique color alternative to flaunt your wedding style. Moreover, the warm color suits almost every skin tone and makes everyone go gaga over the band.

Vintage Inspired Wedding Bands

Brides who want a retro look may choose these authentic vintage rings. However, some people love to own a modern version of these traditional style wedding bands for the ones who want to incorporate elements of classic styles from the yesteryears to the new gen designs. If you want to shop this look, then you must look for detailed decorative engravings along with fragile raised edges. We are seeing this is hitting the floors for some time now, it’s very popular and goes best with an engagement ring.