There are various myths associated with the history of pearls. Arabs believed that these gems were created when the tears of God fell into the ocean and these tears moved into oysters. Greeks were of the opinion that Goddess of Love shed pearls instead of tears. In Hindu Mythology it is considered that Lord Krishna gave these pearls to his wife on their wedding day.

Pearls have been treasured by human beings all over the world. These gemstones are a symbol of elegance and sophistication. There are various top-quality pearls available at; these are sold to the customers at reasonable prices. You can buy here various types of pearl jewelry like pearl pendants, bracelets, earrings, rings and many more.

The History of Pearls

Initially, the pearls were natural wild pearls which were cultivated by oysters over a long period of time. These beautiful pearls were highly desired by royal people, merchants and traders. The Romans highly respected pearls and they were of the opinion that men and women having high birth can wear them.

In the British Empire, these were meant for royal people. These were so expensive that ordinary people were not able to afford them. This royal passion resulted in the harvesting of oysters to a large scale, in order to obtain pearls the overharvesting of oysters resulted in the extinction of oysters. However, with the advent of modern technologies for culturing pearls stopped the destruction of the natural oyster population in the world.

These cultured pearls are of different types like Cultured Akoya pearls, Cultured Freshwater pearls, Cultured Tahitian pearls and Cultured South Sea pearls. In the modern market of pearls, 99% of pearls which are available are cultured pearls.


The pearls are popular worldwide. These are much in demand from ancient to modern times as these pearls provide an astonishing and beautiful variety. These gemstones are a symbol of reflecting one’s elegance and class. These pearls impart a royal appearance to those who wear them on various occasions. They reflect your status.