For those who are looking to infuse something new into their summer wardrobes, there are some exciting boutique clothing trends to check out. From animal prints and bold patterns to bright colors, this is the season to shine. Here is a quick look at some of the hottest styles that will be making their rounds this summer.

Getting Wild

Animal prints are a crowd favorite, and for good reason. A bit of leopard print on a clutch or high heel can create a timeless look. This summer, animal print will be showing up in a variety of ways and this is a chance to have fun with clothing. Besides putting animal print on accessories such as belts and handbags, designers are experimenting with animal print on skirts and tops as well. The result is a fun look that people can play down during the day and spice up at night.

Some folks might be nervous about this bold print but there is a way for everyone to incorporate it into her wardrobe. Even if it’s a ballet flat or a skinny belt, adding a bit of pizazz can really bring a look together.

Neon Colors

It’s time to party like it’s 1985 again because neon is all the rage this summer. Those who keep a lookout will be seeing it on casual T-shirts, sneakers, and even swimsuits. Just as with animal print, individuals may opt for a little or a lot, depending on their own personal style. Some fun shades to play with are pink, yellow, green, and blue. Besides showing up on clothing, the neon trend is also appearing on jewelry and accessories. For those who don’t want to don a neon pink top, maybe they would prefer to show off some neon hoop earrings?

Bold Patterns Galore

Along with the excitement of animal prints and neon colors, designers are including more zany and wild patterns to their pieces. The prints can range from stunning florals to bold block patterns and they are showing up on midi dresses, tunics, skirts, and more. Women are taking on an ultra-feminine look with watercolor prints but they’re also making a splash by wearing bright geometric patterns. Anything goes with this trend!

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