Shapewear can make your body look miraculously slimmer and sexier and is a perfect inclusion to any diet plan or exercise regime. It can make you look around 10 pounds thinner but it works only if you choose the right shapewear which goes well with the right outfit. Here are some shapewear which you can team with different clothing styles.

Skinny jeans: Skinny jeans look amazing with a good top. The only problem is that they are very tight and may stress your unwanted bulges and bumps. They are tight around the waist area which may make your stomach fat bulge out. Hence, you should go for a corset or high-waist thongs to look appealing in your skinny jeans.

Dress: Go for a cheap shapewear bra with removable strap and shapewear briefs to look perfect in your dress. The shapewear bra will support your bust and back and make your upper body part look amazing. The shapewear briefs will make your lower part smooth and wipe out extra lumps and bumps.

Shirt: You can wear shapewear under different types of shirts. Get wholesale body shapers or camisoles or bodysuit for it. They will slim your body and offer support in posture and aid good blood flow.

Skirt: Going for a waist control tight or spanx will do wonders under any kind of skirt. They make your body look firmer and better. There are different colors and types of shapewear which you can wear below different types of skirts.

Shapewear offers huge benefits with any attire but only if you pick the right one. So, make sure you keep the above suggestions in mind when buying shapewear for specific outfits. It will definitely make a difference! However, before you pick a shapewear, you should also know what shapewear do you actually need?

What shapewear do you need?

Selecting the most suitable shapewear can be tough job with so many types, shapes and styles available. Every style serves a different objective and role and hence, it is important to know which body shaper is right for you:

Control cami tops

They are recommended for women who want to slim down their stomach. They make your breast look great and can be worn under any dress or top.


You can wear them to get a firm fit and an hourglass figure. It is a style often donned by the Kardashian sisters. They are precisely worn under tight fitting clothes.

Control tights

They slim the buttocks, tummy and thighs. They look great when worn with a dress or top. You can don them a clothing item.

Body shapers

Wholesale body shapers are best recommended for women who need coverage in the breast part. They slim down the abdominal part and make you look sleeker.

Control pants

They are underwear type of body shapers recommended for women who need control in their waist and belly. They are worn as underwear and can be worn under any attire.

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